Microsoft Unveils AI-Powered PCs with Photographic Recall

Photo from Microsoft Copilot’s Instagram

Microsoft Unveils AI-Powered PCs with Photographic Recall

By Movieguide® Contributor

At a recent event, Microsoft revealed a new line of PCs that run its AI assistant Copilot which anticipates users’ needs and allows for photographic recall of previous events.

“Copilot+ PCs are the fastest, most intelligent Windows PCs ever built,” Microsoft said in a blog post about its new lineup. “With powerful new silicon capable of an incredible 40+ TOPS (trillion operations per second), all-day battery life and access to the most advanced AI models, Copilot + PCs will enable you to do things you can’t do on any other PC.”

“Easily find and remember what you have seen in your PC with Recall, generate and refine AI images in near real-time directly on the device using Cocreator, and bridge language barriers with Live Captions, translating audio from 40+ languages into English,” the blog post continued.

While the whole lineup seeks to offer a new PC experience through streamlined AI-powered tools. The most innovative of the bunch is Windows Recall. The program works as an AI memory system, helping you recall moments from the past such as where you saved a file or what online shopping orders you were looking at earlier.

The new line of PCs also offers users a unique way to interact with AI as the GPT-powered language models are built into the computer rather than sent to a cloud-based system which then returns an answer — as ChatGPT works now. This allows for even faster processing as well as stronger data protection as everything is done on-site.

The whole system looks to streamline the use of AI tools, allowing even the most tech-illiterate person to utilize their amazing capabilities.

At a tech conference earlier this year, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella hinted at why his company is pursuing AI-powered PCs. He wants to “build computers that understand us versus us having to understand computer…I feel like we’re really close to that real breakthrough.”

“We’re entering this new era where computers not only understand us, but can actually anticipate what we want and our intent,” Nadella added during the unveiling of their new PCs.

This view of AI echoes that of OpenAI CEO and founder Sam Altman who spoke with a similar sentiment earlier this month as his company began to roll out its newest update to its GPT programs.

Movieguide® previously reported:

GPT-4o is being marketed as the AI of science fiction as it can respond nearly instantly to a combination of audio, visual and text inputs.

“The new voice (and video) mode is the best computer interface I’ve ever used,” said OpenAI CEO and founder Sam Altman in a blog post. “It feels like AI from the movies; and it’s still a bit surprising to me that it’s real. Getting to human-level response times and expressiveness turns out to be a big change.”

“The original ChatGPT showed a hint of what was possible with language interfaces; this new thing feels viscerally different. It is fast, smart, fun, natural, and helpful,” he continued. “Talking to a computer has never felt really natural for me; now it does… I can really see an exciting future where we are able to use computers to do much more than ever before.”

Not only will users be able to communicate with the chatbot through audio, but they will also be able to show the program images through photos, uploading documents or even by sharing their screen. The technology will also attempt to read the tone of users’ voices to incorporate feelings into its response.


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