Missionaries Live Their Faith Out in FREE BURMA RANGERS


Missionaries Live Their Faith Out in FREE BURMA RANGERS

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

Christian director Brent Gudgel believes that following people for a documentary is a great way to learn. If you think about it, it’s the way Jesus’s earliest followers learned from Him.

“How did people learn from Jesus?” asks Gudgel in an interview with Movieguide®.

“They got to follow him around and they got to see how he lived his life. [Jesus] didn’t ask them to do anything that he didn’t first show them how to do themselves,” he answered himself.

Gudgel’s upcoming documentary FREE BURMA RANGERS follows an American missionary family, the Eubanks, who risk their lives to tell people about Jesus and attend to other peoples needs in Burma, Iraq and later, Syria.

“In our modern world, the way culture is set up, I rarely get the chance to actually see and follow people who are living faith out,” said Gudgel. “Films like this are important because the camera is with people as they are practicing what they preach.”

Gudgel, who also serves as the writer (aka story organizer) for FREE BURMA RANGERS sifted through 30,000 video clips and 2000 hours of footage from the Eubanks’ to come up with what audiences will see in the final product of FREE BURMA RANGERS.

“We were hoping to be done with this film a few years ago,” Gudgel said. “We had a deal with a studio in Hollywood and they went bankrupt and we ended up losing the rights to the story and [so no] one [could] tell the story for a period of time.”

Despite that discouraging season, God wove together something better for the FREE BURMA RANGERS team.

“In that period, all of the second half of the film happened [when the Eubanks moved to Iraq]. Then all of a sudden, we were like, the court gave us the rights back. To us, it felt like a miracle” God provided monetarily for FREE BURMA RANGERS through donations.

Gudgel can’t wait to see how FREE BURMA RANGERS will resonate with audiences.

Stay tuned for the full review of FREE BURMA RANGERS soon.

FREE BURMA RANGERS is produced by Deidox films in partnership with Lifeway Films and will screen in theaters across the country on February 24 and 25, 2020.