Moral Content Lifts WANDAVISION Past Netflix’s Lust-Filled BRIDGERTON

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Moral Content Lifts WANDAVISION Past Netflix’s Lust-Filled BRIDGERTON

By Movieguide® Staff

According to analytics provider TVision, Disney+’s WANDAVISION commanded the U.S.’s largest audience, beating out Netflix’s BRIDGERTON. 

TVision data provided exclusively to Variety Intelligence Platform showed that WANDAVISION had an “indexed audience-size figure of 8,127, meaning it was nearly 81.3 times more viewed than the average title TVision measured across SVOD platforms in January,” Variety reports.

TVision’s metric includes users who have viewed the title for a minimum of two minutes during a minimum five-minute session. 

Despite WANDAVISION only releasing one episode per week, the Marvel series bested BRIDGERTON on Netflix and SOUL on Disney+, which came in No. 2 and 3 most-watched titles in January.  

According to Variety: “TVision measures viewing across all major U.S. SVODs (including Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, Apple TV+, HBO Max, Peacock, CBS All Access and Discovery+) and AVODs (YouTube, the Roku Channel, Pluto TV, Tubi). The analytics company tracks viewing of nearly 25,000 titles among 5,000 households (14,000 individuals) across the U.S. on connected TVs.” 

WANDAVISION’s success proves that Movieguide®’s theory remains true; uplifting, moral content will draw in larger audiences than immoral content. 

While WANDAVISION is not entirely family-friendly, it leaves out the rampant sex and nudity found in BRIDGERTON.  

“There’s excessive nudity and sexuality, including an orgy with gay sex. The men drink excessively, and even Violet Bridgerton imbibes too much one evening. The entire story is told through a narrator named Lady Whistledown, who delivers her gossip rag to the ton every morning. For these problems and more, Moveiguide® finds BRIDGERTON to be an excessive indulgence in too much lust and not enough virtue,” Movieguide® reports

In contrast, WANDAVISION generally contains morally uplifting themes and emphasizes marriage. Best of all, it has little to no language, no nudity, and no sex. Be sure to check out Movieguide®’s full review of the first episode of WANDAVISION as it does contain some mild cautions.  

The report supports previous data from Nielson, which saw Disney+’s THE MANDALORIAN be the first to topple Netflix in the weekly ratings. Movieguide® plans on having a full review of the first season’s episodes after the final episode becomes available for viewing.

Movieguide® reported

Disney+’s hit STAR WARS spinoff, THE MANDALORIAN, makes history as the first non-Netflix series to take the no. 1 spot on the Nielsen weekly U.S. streaming charts.

The series completed its second season in December 2020. It edged out Netflix’s THE OFFICE with 1.336 billion total minutes of streaming time to the popular comedy’s 1.311 billion minutes. 

This particular Nielsen chart gathered data from U.S. viewing on TV sets during the week of December 14 to 20 and does not account for international or mobile streaming. THE MANDALORIAN managed to break the norm as the number one streamed series while Netflix still claimed the other nine spots.