Motorsports Star Brian Deegan Talks Success: ‘Family Comes First’

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Motorsports Star Brian Deegan Talks Success: ‘Family Comes First’

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Supercross winner and freestyle motocross champion, Brian Deegan, constantly puts faith and family at the forefront of his life.  

With over 1 million followers on social media and over 1 million on his family’s YouTube channel, THE DEEGAN’S, Deegan commands a mountain of influence in the world of motorsports.  

Despite his resume, Brian Deegan started his career in the freestyle scene after not receiving a factory contract.

“I never thought I’d live to 40 to be honest. I was always living life on the edge,” Brian stated in an interview with NBC Sports.  

Brian and his wife, Marissa Deegan share three children, Hailie, Haiden and Hudson.  

Hudson, who is 13, isn’t quite of age to be a professional athlete yet, however he spends his time training on his dirt bike. Hailie Deegan, 21, drives stock cars professionally and races full-time in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series.  

However, Haiden Deegan, 17, made his first ever Monster Energy Supercross debut this season and has been the focus of the family recently.  

Haiden told NBC Sports where he got his will to ride professionally, “I think it’s from seeing my dad win X-Games and win races, I just sort of inherited it.”  

Haiden grew up watching his dad compete in freestyle motocross, however he never fell in love with it. Although Haiden fell in love with racing dirt bikes, neither of his parents wanted him to race.  

Marissa stated she never wanted to go through what she went through watching Brian race dirt bikes. She never wanted to do that with her children.   

Since Haiden is only 17, there was much talk about if he was ready to go professional yet.  

“It was a daily conversation between Brian and I,” Marissa expressed.   

“I called my team owner Bobby, and I said, ‘I’m ready. I can race. I know I can do it,” Haiden emphasized.  

“In his mind, he was ready years ago,” Brian added. “But as a parent, you have to help the kids, cause he’s still only 17, and in my mind, he’ll always be my kid. But you still have to help them make the right decision. Trust me, it was such a question to us of, ‘Why rush it?’”  

“My biggest fear was crashing, having a crash, getting hurt and then all of a sudden, we all look bad, we all look like we made a bad decision. I don’t care if I look bad, I’ve looked bad a thousand times in my life. But I care more about his look,” Brian added.   

Haiden placed fourth in his first ever professional supercross race this year. In addition, he has made his way to the podium three times in his first season. 

“I honestly was blown away. I did not expect that for sure. Definitely the bar had been set. But that was another thing, all of a sudden, the bar went really high,” Brian said as he was still shocked.  

On February 11th, Haiden scored his first ever heat race win in Tampa, Florida.  

“The whole crowd just erupts. Like I’d be going, and I could hear the crowd. It’s a sweet moment and it definitely motivates you hearing that,” Haiden expressed.  

“I did have a goal to get a podium, in my first supercross season,” Haiden added.  

At one of the toughest races of the season, Daytona International Speedway, Haiden scored his first ever third place and was able to check off his goal.  

“You watch a lot of the champions, there family is really close. That’s what our family has been. We’ve been a really close family,” Haiden expressed.  

With all the influence the family contains over social media and YouTube Brian is very adamant about keeping up with their YouTube channel, The Deegan’s, so that the fans can stay connected.  

“You know half the game is winning the game, the other half is your image. What you’re portraying to your fans and to the public,” Brian stated.  

Marissa went on and added, “Brian has kind of built this empire, but they [the kids] have to work for it too. So, they’re not just going to get these big corporate people, if they’re not good.”  

“Everyone is kind of like; ‘I expect you to do this because your dad did this or your dad did this for you so that’s why you’re good,’” Haiden stated. “People try to put that pressure on you, it’s not just that your dad got you this bike so you can go win. It’s not like that. You have to put your heart into this sport, it’s gnarly and nothing is easy about it.”  

“Family comes first. We’re doing the best we can. We’re not perfect. Raising a strong young man whether it’s racing or just normal life, represents us, represents the family, represents being a good person, and to me that’s important,” Brian concluded.  

Among family, Brian and Marissa keep their faith at the forefront of their lives and their children’s lives.  

Brian posted on his Instagram, which stated, “Happy Easter. Day we celebrate Jesus Christ rising from the dead conquering the grave after being crucified on the cross, giving salvation to all those that give their life to him. The unshakable foundation in a shaken world. It’s the path I have chosen to have strength in my life and family with truth in a time of lies. It gives me truth to lean on when I need strength and guidance to stay on track. It’s getting harder each day to be a solid person in this society. So, this is my go-to. We are in a daily spiritual battle I refuse to lose!  #Faith#Family#Freedom#Godbless🙏🏼🙏🏼”  


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