A Movie Executive’s Guide to Christianity

By David Outten, Art Editor, with Tom Snyder, Editor

There is only one God, but in most towns in America there are more churches than movie theaters. There’s a reason for this.

In the Bible, the Book of Acts (and the letters that follow) describe the Church as passionate believers in Jesus Christ who have difficulty agreeing on what they can eat, what they can drink, what teachers they should listen to, and more. Christians can start new churches over disagreements on carpet colors, but they all pray to the same God.

Christians will argue over the merits of movies. Some may not like the actor or director who made a movie. Some may go livid over the addition of a character not in the Bible, to a story supposedly based on the Bible. Some will think Jesus should be played by someone who looks more Jewish (whatever that means!). Some will jump for joy when the Devil slightly resembles Barack Obama, but others will be furious.

There’s no way you can make “the perfect” Christian movie because Christians will never agree on everything that’s “perfect.”

That said, there are some basics you need to grasp if you want a great turnout for your Biblical or faith-based movie.

God and His power should be honored, not demeaned.

Faith in God should be presented as a good thing.

Jesus should be presented as God’s plan for mankind’s salvation.

God’s will is to be presented as superior to man’s will.

If the hero of your movie goes through his character arc and comes out with stronger faith in God, and a greater desire to do God’s will, a lot of Christians will want to see your movie. Sure, you should avoid profanity, nudity, and elements that look repulsive (even though such things sometimes are mentioned in the Bible).

Let’s be honest. Christians aren’t perfect. But, look at their goals, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” “love your enemies,” “care for the widows and orphans.” The direction Christians want to go really is good. God really does want what’s best for mankind. There would be much less crime, poverty, death, and ugliness if people did what God wants. Christians believe this. They want movies that show this in an inspiring way. They want to come out of the theater thinking, “WOW!!! Isn’t God great. That makes me want to trust and obey Him more.”

Christians will argue over the typeface used in the movie credits, but they’ll come in droves if God and Jesus Christ are truly honored in an inspirational, classy, and entertaining way, and if you put enough money and serious effort into your production.