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Movieguide® Visits the Tennessee State Capitol Presenting to State Legislators on Clean Media


Movieguide® Visits the Tennessee State Capitol Presenting to State Legislators on Clean Media

By Tiffany Leeper


Recently, Dr. Ted Baehr, Evy Baehr, and Tiffany Leeper, founder of The Gentlemen’s Posse/Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking, met with Tennessee state legislators, organized by TN State Representative, Jerry Sexton, House Majority Assistant Floor Leader, for a presentation given by Dr. Baehr on the importance of clean media, and Report to the Entertainment Industry, while visiting the State Capitol during National Religious Broadcasters week in Nashville.

The message was of such great importance and interest to legislators, that Dr. Baehr was invited to a media interview taking place with Representative Mark Pody, discussing the importance of clean media, and incentives for family friendly programming initiatives by states, to promote family friendly film/TV production.

Financial incentives for studios and film companies in bringing family film production to states for production and shooting, are an excellent way to work with your legislators to promote more family friendly film and television production in your state. It not only helps the state bring in added production for enhanced profit from clean productions, but also ensures that your state is promoting family friendly programming as opposed to violent, obscene, programming that may seek to want to conduct productions in your area. Representative Mike Sparks, Vice Chair of the House Local Government Committee, and Representative Sheila Butt, House Majority Floor Leader, Vice Chair of the Consumer & Human Resources Subcommittee were appreciative of this approach.

Dr. Baehr addresses in his Report to the Entertainment Industry that movies make more money at the box office and have increased ratings and popularity with the public when they contain elements of clean and Christian content.

If clean entertainment is a matter of concern to you, this is one way to start the conversation with a win-win approach with your state legislators by educating them on the incentives that can be given and structuring for clean programming by having legislators meet with you to incentivize family friendly programming in your state. Movieguide® can help you with guidance in your state for starting the conversation.