15-Year-Old Writer’s Musical to Hit the Big Screen This Fall

Photo from Kate Larson’s Instagram

15-Year-Old Writer’s Musical to Hit the Big Screen This Fall

By Movieguide® Contributor 

Coming-of-age musical INTO THE SPOTLIGHT, written by then-15-year-old Kate Larson, is slated to release this fall. 

Larson recently shared what inspired her to write the musical.

“At 15 I saw the world shutting down and my friends losing hope so, I wrote INTO THE SPOTLIGHT,” Larson said. “From struggling with dyslexia as a younger child to creating a story to inspire my generation, it has been truly magical.” 

“INTO THE SPOTLIGHT has changed my life,” she continued. “I know girls everywhere need this story about overcoming insecurity, friendship, love, empowerment, and staying true to who you were meant to be.” 

The movie tells the story of Laura, a high schooler who grew up writing music with her rockstar dad but always shied away from the spotlight. But when her best friend has to drop out of the school’s talent show, Laura steps in as her replacement. For good luck, she performs with a vintage, glowing microphone – which ends up being enchanted. Laura’s performance goes viral, and she becomes a star overnight. Losing herself as she becomes a celebrity, Laura eventually finds her way back to what truly matters with the help of her friends and family. 

“INTO THE SPOTLIGHT brings back co-viewing for the entire family and sends an uplifting message to tweens and teens to follow their heart when chasing their dreams,” director Lisa Arnold said.

Alongside Larson, INTO THE SPOTLIGHT stars Leigh-Allyn Baker, Karen Abercrombie (winner of Movieguide®’s Grace Prize for WAR ROOM), Kevin Sizemore, Victoria Jackson, Jeff Allen, Anthony Evans and Raphael Ruggero. 

The movie is directed by Lisa Arnold and produced by Brian Warren. Entertainment Squad acquired the musical and has set a VOD release for September 1. 

“The capabilities of A.I. created uncertainty for a lot of us in the entertainment industry,” said Entertainment Squad CEO Shaked Berenson. “Seeing a young audience embrace a film like INTO THE SPOTLIGHT, which was written by a 15-year-old, proves the irreplaceable power of an authentic voice. It’s truly inspiring.” 

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