MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Shares Unexpected Results of Being ‘Canceled’

Photo from Mike LIndell’s Instagram

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Shares Unexpected Results of Being ‘Canceled’

By Movieguide® Staff

Twitter suspended MyPillow Founder and CEO Mike Lindell from the social media platform after the social media company accused him of spreading misinformation.

“Well, they took down my personal [account] too,” Lindell told Newsmax TV. “My integrity is getting attacked everywhere right now.”

Twitter also banned the MyPillow account.

Despite no access to Twitter, Lindell said that MyPillow customers have stood up for the company and continue to support him in his battle against cancel culture.

“It’s funny, all the news media was reaching out to me today going ‘Well how are you going to get your messaging out there? How are you going to talk to your customers?” Lindell said. “Our customers have always stepped up. Right now, it’s amazing.”

Lindell’s ban from social media is not the only consequence he has faced due to his support of former President Donald Trump. A long list of retailers, including major companies like Bed Bath & Beyond, have removed MyPillow products from their shelves.

Lindell said that faithful customers are keeping his business alive.

“Cancel culture just keeps on spreading, they just keep piling on,” Lindell said. “[But] They’re the ones losing the real customers, they end up coming right to MyPillow now.”

Lindell added: “Everyone’s been buying and we’ve been so busy, we actually are hiring right now for shipping.”