Nathaniel Buzolic: ‘We Win People For Christ With Love Because We Were Won By Christ With Love’

Photo from Nathaniel Buzolic’s Instagram

Nathaniel Buzolic: ‘We Win People For Christ With Love Because We Were Won By Christ With Love’

By Movieguide® Staff

Actor Nathaniel Buzolic recently shared why love is the cornerstone of the Christian life.

The 39-year-old actor took to Instagram to offer insight into the Bible’s view on how we should love others.

“We as Christians should be known by our Love,” he wrote in a post to his 3 million followers. “This is the inward circumcision of our hearts that Paul highlights in Romans. The same circumcision That God called the men of Judah to do also in the book of Jeremiah.”

“The same way that the Jew is looked at by the outsiders with curiosity watching their undeniable commitment to keeping the law, so too should the true followers of the Jewish Messiah Yeshua be viewed with curiosity because of their undeniable & thorough commitment to Keeping His commandment which was; to set aside self in order to boldly LOVE,” he continued. “A new kind of love that is fueled by God himself & God’s greatest act of Love which was put on display in Zion – offering up His Son to save.”

However, Buzolic noted that too often, love is not the mark of professing Christians in today’s hostile culture.

“The greatest issue that Christians have today is simple – a lack of love, a limited love, or no love at all,” he explained. “And when I say ‘Christians’ maybe this is specifically targeted at this wave of Westernized/American style Christianity.”

“Social media shows us that there is many Christians who have not elected to join the front lines of the gospel but rather debate & attack their own in order to show others their theological prowess in the comment section, spewing out scripture and convincing no one of what Christ’s love really looks like,” he added.

Buzolic added that he understood the need to teach absolute truth from God’s word but admonished western Christians to do so with love.

“Don’t get me wrong Truth is the foundation all Christian’s need to stand on but When that truth is presented without love to those around us, the very truth that we are trying to convey is completely lost,” he wrote. “Because The truth that we the believer wants the world to understand is the very expression of The gospel – For God so loved the world that He gave His only son.”

“And yet we think the gospel can be presented without relationship, without patience, without kindness and without humility,” he continued. “How wrong we are. To the Christians who are waking up trying to pursue Christ I applaud you. I encourage you to take just the next step you need to today. Not the leaps and bounds that the outsider expects you to have already taken..

“To the Christian that knows the Bible but has forgotten how to love – God calls you into your first love. We win people for Christ with love, because we were won by Christ with love.”

He concluded: “God’s love is steadfast.”

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