Neal McDonough Stars in ‘Hope-Filled,’ Apocalyptic HOMESTEAD Movie, Show

Screenshot from HOMESTEAD TV Series’ YouTube page

Neal McDonough Stars in ‘Hope-Filled,’ Apocalyptic HOMESTEAD Movie, Show

By Movieguide® Contributor

Angel Studios is giving audiences a sneak peek at their latest project, HOMESTEAD, a combination movie and TV show. 

“I’m always a fan first when it comes to Angel films,” Jeffrey Harmon, the Co-Founder of Angel Studios, said in a statement about HOMESTEAD. “I’m excited to see a hope-filled, family apocalypse story hit the screens — because isn’t God always doing something incredible, even during tough times? HOMESTEAD goes on a wild ride through the crash of civilization, only to reveal that family, community and love are the ultimate survival advantage. I can’t wait to watch the movie and the TV show.”

The show and movie are based on the book series “Black Autumn” and stars Neal McDonough, Bailey Chase, Dawn Olivieri, Jesse Hutch, Kevin Lawson, Kearran Giovanni, Tyler Lofton, Susan Misner, Olivia Sanabia, Grace Powell and Caden Dragomer.

The HOMESTEAD movie is directed by Ben Smallbone, who previously worked on I STILL BELIEVE and STEVE MCQUEEN: AMERICAN ICON, while the show will be run by Jason Ross and Ben Kasica, who also worked on I STILL BELIEVE. 

“A string of attacks and collapses drives troubled Green Beret Jeff Kirkham to take a job as head of security for a wealthy doomsday prepper, Jason Ross,” a description of HOMESTEAD reads. “Ross has built an elaborate permaculture compound for friends and family. As the fabric of America goes to pieces, a few dozen families scramble to ‘The Homestead’ in a last-ditch effort to survive.”

The synopsis continues, “They quickly discover that Ross’ elaborate plans will not protect them. Outside the gates, desperate neighbors, criminals, and opportunistic rivals look to The Homestead’s resources as a treasure trove.  Inside, the community divides into factions: military versus civilian, compassionate versus practical, spiritual versus rational. These groups clash over every fatality, every demand of survival, and over the strange prophecies of Jeff’s adopted daughter. Eventually, the gentle rhythms of the land permeate all, and a spirit of unity begins to overtake the community. As they cultivate the plants, animals, and the soil, and as they face looming destruction, their modern squabbles give way to ancient, forgotten truths.”

A blog post from Angel Studios promises audiences “action-packed apocalyptic thrills with themes of hope, redemption, and teamwork,” as well as “engaging action” and “an inspiring, compelling story.”

The HOMESTEAD movie will premiere in 2024 before transitioning into the TV series.