Netflix To Create More Family-Friendly Content To Compete With Disney

Photo by David Balev via Unsplash

Netflix To Create More Family-Friendly Content To Compete With Disney

By Cooper Dowd, Staff Writer

Co-CEO for Netflix, Reed Hastings, said that the streaming services champion wants to target family-friendly programming content to compete with and surpass their competition.  

“We want to beat Disney in family animation,” Hastings said. 

Although Netflix releases hundreds of titles on a global scale each year, Hastings aims to take control of the animated movie market he says is led by Disney.

Hastings confessed that it might be some time before Netflix defeats Disney in this avenue: “That’s going to take a while. I mean, they are really good at it.” 

Despite this supposed goal of creating family-friendly content, Netflix has acquired movies that are nothing short of filth. For example, the Netflix Company came under fire for their refusal to remove a French movie called CUTIES from their site. As a result, Netflix’s’ subscriber count dropped dramatically.  

Movieguide® previously reported:

The company began experiencing cancellations on September 10, the day after the movie was released. It was at this time that #CancelNetflix started trending on Twitter as well.

On September 12, the cancellation rates hit a high, and social media backlash continues today with more cancellations every minute.

According to Movieguide®, the majority of Netflix Originals contain immoral content inappropriate for family viewing. 

The possible installation of more moral content to Netflix could mean more viewership. 

Movieguide previously reported: “Netflix’s top 10 list reveals that family-friendly movies are consistently the most “viral” products on the streaming site, according to a new point system developed by Travis Bean for Forbes.”

Despite the company’s insistence on creating shows and movies for mature audiences, many of which cross an adult’s threshold for immoral content, Netflix has the opportunity to add more God-honoring content, which will broaden their audience and increase revenue.