New Documentary SEND PROOF Highlights the Relationship Between Science and Miracles

Photo from Send Proof Official Trailer

New Documentary SEND PROOF Highlights the Relationship Between Science and Miracles

By Movieguide® Staff

SEND PROOF is an upcoming documentary by filmmaker Elijah Stephens that seeks to bridge a gap between miracles and science.

In the movie, Stephens discusses the evidence of X-rays, MRI scans and other medical analyses with members of both evangelical Christians and Pentecostal and Charismatic Christians.

According to The Christian Post, Stephens worked alongside the Global Medical Research Institute and “interviewed board-certified doctors, scientists, an atheist medical historian who believes in miracles, and some of the leading skeptic and atheist voices who assert that, when examined closely, miracles never withstand empirical scrutiny.”

Stephens announced that the movie’s first showing would take place at Harvest Rock Church on Sept. 14. The Harvest Rock Church’s head pastor, Pastor Che Ahn, is featured in the movie.

“I think there is a voice for science inside of faith. I think sometimes science crosses philosophical boundaries it shouldn’t, but it can also add a voice that this is what is naturalistically possible and this is what is a naturalistically known impossibility. And so it’s helpful to take the scientific expression and listen to it, and when and where it should speak,” Stephens told CP.

For Stephens, and his wife Allison, undertaking such a massive project forced them to grow in their faith throughout the process.

One area that became a point of doubt was the financial means to finish the documentary. The couple emptied their retirement funds for the sake of the project.

“That created a lot of hard conversations and a lot of dying to ourselves. And I think it’s one of those things where you go, ‘I’ve given everything I can give to God and have paid the price.’ It has strengthened that muscle of ‘I will persevere and do whatever it takes to honor Christ,'” he said.

Stephens said he hopes that the movie offers an opportunity for growth and unity among the church.

“That’s how the whole Body grows, we have dialogue. And I wanted to display that,” he said.

Beyond the Christian church, Stephens also wanted to offer a fair voice to those who did not approach science or miracles from a biblical worldview.

“I get why the skeptic is skeptical,” Stephens said. “And their voices matter. I wanted to portray them as the scholars that they are and not do a propaganda piece or hit piece. I wanted them to feel like ‘Well, at least he represented my ideas fairly.'”

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