New Movie About Mother Teresa Encourages Christians to Live Our Faith


New Movie About Mother Teresa Encourages Christians to Live Our Faith

By Trevor Pacelli, Contributing Writer


Individuals everywhere feel the consistent urge to go out and help somebody, yet so many of them are lost on how to follow that call to come to the aid of the hopeless. Especially after seeing what tragedies the evil of this world can conduct, it may discourage more than encourage towards change. Therefore, it is all in good timing for documentary filmmaker William Riead to release his new feature film, THE LETTERS, starring 4-time BAFTA nominee Juliet Stevenson as Mother Teresa.

For any one of you who may not know, Mother Teresa was a Macedonian born recipient of the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize. She had dedicated her life to the Order of the Missionaries of Charity that she founded, which aided the needs of the poor through a Roman Catholic congregation of women. Mother Teresa was a nun who understood her calling, followed through with it, stood up against obstacles that blind-sighted her path, and as a result, changed the world.

THE LETTERS is about a series of letters that Mother Teresa wrote over six decades to document her loneliness, feelings of abandonment by God, political oppression, and unbreakable spirit to her spiritual advisor, Father Celeste van Exem (portrayed by Max Von Sydow, EXTREMELY LOUD & INCREDIBLY CLOSE). This series of letters read from the Celeste van Exem’s point of view records how Mother Teresa had left her convent in order to serve the poorest of the poor and teach those children who were far more unfortunate than most other children in the world. Although she was not wanted in the place she chose to serve, Mother Teresa was still needed in the eyes of those she hospitalized, as she continued doing until her eventual death.

After seeing the discouraging hopelessness of our world, finding those people willing to give their all to help may feel like fishing a needle out of a very large haystack. But THE LETTERS reminds us about those incredible people in history who selflessly dedicated their hopes and dreams for the sake of an entire group of people, reminding humanity that God always allows his goodness to shine its brightest amongst the most devastating of tragedies. The film is rated PG and opens everywhere December 4th.