New Streaming Service Focuses on Inner Healing Using Biblical Concepts

Screenshot via Soul Refiner Promo Video on Vimeo

New Streaming Service Focuses on Inner Healing Using Biblical Concepts

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

A Florida-based production studio launched a streaming service that focuses on inner healing through cinematic classes.

KINGDOMWORKS STUDIOS recently launched their Soul Refiner platform because of the rising mental health crisis due to COVID-19.

Soul Refiner “provides in-depth cinematic teaching classes that focus on biblically-based and scientifically proven subjects on inner healing and transformation — Original, high-quality video content, featuring top Christian experts in the field of mental health and spiritual development — Designed for church small groups and individuals.”

The programs were previously available on DVD, but the stay-at-home orders merited easier access to the teachings.

“We hear from church leaders every day. This sudden extraordinary change in circumstances has left them feeling ill-equipped to handle the massive emotional and mental turmoil,” said Jeremy Wiles, Soul Refiner Co-Founder and CEO.

“We now have a great tool to help them navigate through these unprecedented times with Soul Refiner.”

Soul Refiner Co-Founder and Chief Creative Writer Tiana Wiles says the streaming service is needed now more than ever.

“Do we realize how big of a deal this is, in light of COVID-19? We’re going to see a tsunami of long-term emotional trauma from the crisis. Our goal at Soul Refiner is to equip people with a strategy and a process to heal from whatever life throws at them.”

The first teaching series on the platform is titled CONQUER SERIES and discusses sexual purity. It’s followed by a new series, WARPATH, which discusses sexual integrity.

Upcoming content include class subjects like marital issues, depression, sexual betrayal, anxiety, grief, and more.

Soul Refiner is a “cutting edge platform” that allows audiences to stream video classes from their device and host virtual small group meetings using their interactive study guide and digital discipleship tools.

For more information on the service, click here.

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