Nick Cannon Draws Attention to Christian Persecution in New Interview

Nick Cannon/YouTube

Nick Cannon Draws Attention to Christian Persecution in New Interview

By Movieguide® Staff

MASKED SINGER host Nick Cannon drew attention to Christian persecution in an interview with “The Next Jihad” authors Rev. Johnnie Moore and Rabbi Abraham Cooper.

According to the publisher:

The Next Jihad draws from the on-the-ground experience and personal testimonials of two advocates for religious freedom and human rights—one Jewish and one Christian—as they explain what’s happening to Christians across Africa, why it matters, and what must be done now.

Although news of Christians being killed overseas hits major media outlets from time to time, the news quickly fades away while our fellow believers continue to suffer. Johnnie Moore, as he has done before, wants to awaken the church and American politicians to the daily horrors happening to Christians, focusing this time on Africa.

While the world has been fixated on jihadist threats in the Middle East, terrorists from Nigeria to Kenya have had free reign to massacre on a scale far beyond that of the terrorists in Iraq and Syria. Whole villages have been razed, mothers and children have been grotesquely killed, and an unabashed effort at ethnic cleansing has been embarked upon with unrelenting resolve. Their intention is to rid Africa of its Christians, either by forced conversion to Islam or by destruction and murder.

Cannon said he invited Cooper and Moore on his show to discuss the radical Islamist groups and their horrific genocide against both Christians and other Muslims.

“I was aware of certain things that were going on in Nigeria and ignorant to everything else,” Cannon said of the brutal persecution happening right now.

Persecution.org highlights a report that more than 2,200 Christians were slaughtered in Nigeria in 2020:

“From Jan 2020 to this 13th Dec 2020, Intersociety has statistically found that as much as or not less than 2,200 Christians are most likely to have been killed in Nigeria and out of this figure, Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen is responsible for as much as or not less than 1,300 Christian deaths, followed by Boko Haram and its splinter groups (ISWAP and Ansaru) with 500 Christian deaths, Nigerian Army 200 Christian deaths and Jihadist “Bandits” 100 Christian deaths. The 500 Christian deaths by Boko Haram and its splinter groups, arrived at using 60% Muslim and 40% Christian casualty calculation or ratio, had arisen from estimated 1,200 defenseless civilians killed by the jihadists from 1st Jan to 13th Dec 2020. In other words, Nigeria in 2020 has lost average of six Christians per day and 180 per month.”

The United States even added Nigeria to its official list of the world’s worst persecutors of religion.

Cannon commended Moore and Cooper on their work in Nigeria and drawing attention to the persecution happening.

“You can see the beauty in people wanting to do the right thing for the right reasons,” Cannon said.

He recommended everyone read “The Next Jihad.”

Watch the video below for the full interview.