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In the Netflix movie BENJI, two children who lost their father form an unlikely friendship with a stray dog that saves them after they are kidnapped by a pair of gruff robbers. BENJI is an enjoyable family movie with a great message full of positive Christian, biblical values, but some light action violence, animal abuse and the heavy topic of death of a parent require parental discernment for young children…

NANCY DREW, based on the best-selling teen detective series that sold more than 200 million books, is a wonderfully entertaining concoction about the famous teenage detective uncovering a mysterious plot at a supposedly haunted Hollywood mansion. NANCY DREW is fun, heartfelt, campy, exciting, and blatantly faithful, moral and Christian. Bravo!…
In PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN’S CHEST, Will and Elizabeth get involved in Captain Jack Sparrow’s scheme to escape the clutches of Davy Jones and get the treasure of the dead man’s chest. An entertaining movie, PIRATES poses some theological and moral issues in a positive way, but it is set in a dark, scary fallen world where there is lots of evil, grotesqueries and even cannibalism…


In THE IRON GIANT, young Hogarth befriends a giant robot, which is designed for war, but is transformed by love in the face of military attack. The story makes it seem like all guns are bad and includes problems in describing the soul. Yet, the story also has wonderful elements of love overcoming evil, death and resurrection…

DESPICABLE ME 3 shows Gru losing his job with the Anti-Villain League and then meeting his long-lost twin brother, with whom he plans a heist against another villain so that Gru can get back his job. DESPICABLE ME 3 is a high octane, high energy mélange of several storylines that bring fast and furious jokes, fun, reconciliation, prayer, and family to the big screen.
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When a tragic accident takes the life of her dog, Tara is forced to cancel her wedding. With a little help from above, their small town rallies together to make sure the couple are able to have the wedding of their dreams.
The amazing story of ultra-marathon runner and college professor David Horton, his wife Nancy, and their attempt to finish their “marriage race” well. Following Dave’s open-heart surgery and irreparable damage to his knees, Nancy is ready for him to hang up his racing shoes for good and focus his boundless energy on their family. Instead, feeling called by God to “inspire people one last time,” he sets off for a 2,900-mile race across America.
The inspirational true story of horse racing legend Damien Oliver, who overcame incredible odds to win the 2002 Melbourne Cup Trophy.
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