Over 1,100 “Clergy” Sanction Abortion Murders

More than 1,100 clergy and religious professionals have officially endorsed an “open letter” supporting abortion murder as “a morally justifiable decision.”

The religious leaders hail mostly from mainstream and “liberal” denominations and synagogues, including the United Methodist Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Presbyterian Church (USA), the American Baptist Church, the United Church of Christ, the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation, and the United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism.

Clearly, Christianity and Judaism in America have some house-cleaning to do, because this position supporting abortion murder is evil, godless, sinful, immoral, unbiblical, and abhorrent.

These people are “anathema” – accursed and consigned to damnation unless they repent and turn to Jesus Christ who gave His life and was resurrected so that every person can have life more abundantly on earth and in heaven.

Abortion is real torture; the government should protect the right to life, as the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights tell us.

– Source: The Religious Institute, 09/30/09.