Overseas Miracles


Overseas Miracles

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

When I spoke at parliament in the United Kingdom in 1995, I was given 45 minutes. Then, Lord Orr Ewing took 45 minutes to introduce me. As I started my talk, they kept giving me more and more time until, finally, I had several hours, and, as a result, the BBC toned down their television programs with excessive sex and violence.

When I spoke at parliament in Norway in 2004, to help Norway protect its children from receiving ultra-violent and pornographic television signals from Sweden, I was told that this was impossible to stop because the European Union forces countries to receive the TV signals from neighboring countries, whether they like it to not. After carefully explaining the influence of the media on susceptible youth, Norway was given permission to protect its children from the porno-violent Swedish channels.

When I spoke at Kiev, Ukraine, in 2007, to a conference of Muslims and Christians, my wife was so scared that she walked out just before my speech, because I presented the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Professors and academic scholars from all over the Middle East spent two days bashing America and Christianity. I was the last speaker. The simple presentation of the Gospel in the light of a report on the business of worldwide entertainment and on media wisdom elicited a standing ovation, with several key people coming to Christ.

The same occurred at a similar conference in Rhodes, Greece, where the leaders at the follow up conference becoming more and more Christian.