Part of the Heart and Soul Leaves Disney

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

Walt Disney Company recently announced that Dick Cook, chairman of Walt Disney Studios, is leaving.

Dick was beloved by the best and the brightest in the entertainment industry for his wit and wisdom, but he also brought heart and soul to The Walt Disney Company. Now that he has left, the world will miss him.

Years ago, Dick told me he wanted to put Walt back into the Disney company, and he did just that by committing to make movies with romance but no sex, action but no violence and dialogue but no foul language. He lifted the company out of the doldrums and presided over an incredible string of successes such as the Pixar movies, REMEMBER THE TITANS, SIGNS, LILO & STITCH, THE SANTA CLAUSE, THE PRINCESS DIARIES, TARZAN, BOLT, THE PIRATES OF THJE CARIBBEAN, and THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE. He also helped Disney grow in the right direction by helping acquire Pixar and bringing some of the best and brightest into the Disney fold.

Dick’s career at Disney lasted 38 years. Anyone who knows the story behind the scenes will see his fingerprints all over the improvements made in every area of Disney’s life. Many producers, writers and directors have called me to pray for Dick Cook. More appropriately, we should pray for Disney not to lose the heart and soul that he brought to the company.

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