Phil And Al Robertson Share The Powerful Changes Faith Made In Their Lives

Photo from Phil Robertson’s Instagram

Phil And Al Robertson Share The Powerful Changes Faith Made In Their Lives

By Movieguide® Contributor

In a recent episode of TAKEAWAYS, Kirk Cameron spoke with Phil and Al Robertson about their faith and the role it plays in their lives and relationships. 

“I basically was a sinful young man,” Phil admitted, sharing that he initially didn’t even want to get married to his wife of over 50 years, Kay.

Phil ended up finding God, which completely changed his life. He told friends who were looking to party, “You’re looking for the old Phil Robertson. He died.”

His story of the changes his faith made in his life obviously resonated with one of Phil’s friends, who came to him years later and asked about Christianity.

“I told him the good news about Jesus,” Phil shared. “He became a son of God.”

Cameron then steered the conversation towards Phil’s love for his family, calling him a man with “a tender heart for God and your family.”

Phil explained that his commitment to promoting family values is because of his “witnessing America’s young people and America’s family structure.”

“I’m looking at…devastation beyond what I ever thought would happen,” he continued. “I never thought we would be this prone to deny Jesus, the son of God, and His love for us.” Phil encouraged viewers to find “peace of mind” through Jesus’ love.

Al, Phil’s son, jumped in to talk about the impact his father’s faith had on the Robertson family as a whole. 

“You really know how powerful God’s love is when you see life change at that level,” Al said of his father. 

When Phil accepted Jesus as his savior, Al said the whole family “knew that our lives were about to change and they did, in a big way.”

Movieguide® previously reported on the moment Phil was baptized:

Miss Kay and Phil Robertson are two of the most beloved members of the Robertson family, with the two notably sparking laughs and comical moments throughout 11 seasons of DUCK DYNASTY.

The Robertsons quickly became a household name when their A&E show turned mega-popular after its 2012 launch, with the family’s authentic faith instantaneously attracting a devoted fanbase.

But while the show was lighthearted and fun and shed light on the importance of faith and family, the Robertsons’ early years were anything but picturesque.

Miss Kay and Phil have both openly revealed the struggles they faced early on in their marriage, with Phil’s alcohol use and infidelity inflicting intense pain on the family.

“My husband Phil … his first time he said he came to the Lord, I think he really didn’t,” she said. “He was very young and he just didn’t understand it.”

She said things really started to go off-the-rails in Phil’s life when he went to college. Then, when she got pregnant, he wouldn’t go to church with her — and things started getting more complicated.

“That was the beginning of the downfall of Phil,” Miss Kay explained. “When the devil moved in and he started changing.”

Over time, though, Phil’s alcohol use took a toll on the young family, which included sons Jase, Willie and Jep. Miss Kay shared one shocking story about a Thanksgiving celebration when Phil got angry and it turned physical.

“He threw the whole dinner on the floor … because I was fussing at him about drinking and not coming home for dinner,” she said. “He just left drunk.”

Their kids were young at the time, with the oldest, Alan, stepping up to try and help his mother cope with all that was unfolding; in that instance, he shielded his younger brothers from seeing the chaos.

Miss Kay eventually became a Christian, but the situation still didn’t improve. In fact, it just got worse with Phil frustrated by her recent turn to Christ.

“He said, ‘I can’t stand it. Now you’re a holy roller?’” she recalled, noting that he added, “You’re ruining my life.”

Miss Kay found an apartment with the kids and the couple lived separately for three months — until something truly unexpected happened.

Phil showed up at Miss Kay’s workplace one day, and he was desperate, proclaiming that he missed his family and wanted to make a change in his life.

“I can’t do this anymore. I can’t live without my family,” he told her. “I miss you all. I’m going to quit drinking.”

Miss Kay was skeptical, as Phil had made this pledge before, but to no avail.

This time seemed different, though, with Phil taking steps to meet with a pastor and truly begin hearing what it means to trust in God. One night, Phil finally made the decision to change his life — one that unfolded right in front of Miss Kay and their boys.

“When [the boys and I] walked in the back of the church, [Phil] was up front and my boys were just standing there,” Miss Kay said, explaining what unfolded the night Phil became a Christian. “As we walked in, he said, ‘I want Jesus to be the Lord of my life. I want to repent of all the bad stuff,’ and he said, ‘And I want you to baptize me.’”

It was a transformational moment not only for Phil and Miss Kay, but for their children — and it set the family on course to become the famed Robertsons America knows and loves today.

“I looked at all the boys with just little tears … Jason’s comment was, ‘Mama, is the devil out of daddy now?’” Miss Kay said. “I said, ‘Yup, Jesus Christ is in your dad. And so that is the story of us.’”

Watch Cameron’s full conversation with the father and son here.

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