Phil Robertson Accuses ‘Ungodly Public Schools’ of Failing America’s Children

Photo from Phil Robertson’s Instagram

Phil Robertson Accuses ‘Ungodly Public Schools’ of Failing America’s Children

By Movieguide® Contributor

DUCK DYNASTY’s Phil Robertson is the latest celebrity to come out in favor of homeschooling children. 

In the caption of his Instagram post, Robertson wrote, “When you outsource a father’s instruction and a mother’s teaching to the government, you get what we have now: ungodly public schools that fail our children and fill their minds with evil. Bad move, America. It’s getting worse and worse.”

In the video, Robertson said, “We turned the family structure over to the government to teach and guide our children; bad move. I would not recommend any children going to public school.”

Many Christian families are advocating for homeschooling.  In THE HOMESCHOOL AWAKENING, a documentary about the positive aspects of homeschooling, many families shared their views of the practice. 

Some of the bonuses these families cited included increased family time, as well as the ability to design curricula that cater to a child’s skills, talents, and interests. 

A portion of Movieguide®’s review reads:

THE HOMESCHOOL AWAKENING explores how parents can spend time with their children, educate them and develop their individual talents and skills, while inserting faith, fun and adventure into the mix. The documentary leaves out some important facts about the pitfalls of public education. Though not discussed in the documentary, a major problem with the public school education system is the academic pressure to succeed and produce. This problem, coupled with peer pressure and destructive cultural norms, have created a mental health crisis for the nation’s youths in epic proportions. However, Kirk Cameron, and his wife Tracy Noble, along with several other families, use their personal experience to give a compelling case for homeschooling.

THE HOMESCHOOL AWAKENING is an inspiring, wholesome documentary. The parents stress the joy and enrichment that homeschooling bestows on their families. Both parents and children say they enjoy the flexibility homeschooling allows them. By homeschooling their children, parents can focus on the uniqueness of their children, which is known only to them. Also, children can spend more time excelling in their special talents or skills, instead of being slaves to a “cookie cutter” curriculum. THE HOMESCHOOL AWAKENING has a strong Christian, biblical worldview that extols faith and family.

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