Pop Star Shawn Mendes Breaks Down in Tears Over Maverick City Music Worship Song

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Pop Star Shawn Mendes Breaks Down in Tears Over Maverick City Music Worship Song

By Movieguide® Staff

Canadian singer Shawn Mendes was in “stitches” of tears over a worship song recently.

“Watching Maverick City choir singing about God, singing about Jesus, I’m sitting there watching this YouTube video and they’re singing about Jesus, and I just start crying, like crying my eyes out,” Mendes said.

Mendes opened up about the experience on the Man Enough Podcast. 

“I’m like, how is something that my whole life I’ve grown up to believe is fanatic and not science and not the truth feel like home because of this song?” Mendes said.

The spiritual connection with God in worship is something new for Mendes, who has been nominated for hundreds of music accolades, including Grammy awards and Billboard Music Awards.

“Only in the last two years I’ve realized the real power that music is,” Mendes said. “There’s something so interesting, because I grew up kind of more or less atheist. And now, becoming much more spiritual and really being sure there’s a God, or sure there’s a higher thing — the universe or whatever — music was the thing that did that for me.”

Mendes, who never said he identifies as a Christian, said he’s also listening to Hindu mantras and songs from India that make him feel the same way he did when listening to the popular Christian group.

Music can reach the soul where words cannot.

It sets the atmosphere breaks down barriers and can speak to a person from where they are.

“Music makes words that people don’t want to hear out loud in speech more palatable,” Mendes said.



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