Alex Kendrick Shares the Details of His Upcoming Project

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Alex Kendrick Shares the Details of His Upcoming Project

Interview by Evy Baehr Carroll, Movieguide® TV Host

Copy by Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

Director Alex Kendrick (OVERCOMER) shared some of the details of his next project during an interview with Movieguide®’s Evy Baehr Carroll.

The story stems from a video that the Kendrick brothers saw about a young boy and his birth mother.

“It is a true story and it follows an adopted 18-year-old young boy that meets his biological parents for the first time,” he explained.

“His mother got off the abortion table. And she was laying there to have the procedure, and she felt like God was saying there’s still time, there’s still time. She got up, she told the doctor to stop. She walked out, and her boyfriend was like, ‘What are you doing,’ and she gave the baby up for adoption. And, then 18 years later, she got to meet him.”

The boy was raised by a Christian family and saw “God’s providence and hand on that.”

“It basically just reminds us that life is precious, life is valuable,” Kendrick said.

The movie was supposed to be filmed this summer, but due to the coronavirus, filming was moved to the fall. It’s expected to hit theaters the following fall of 2021.

The Christian filmmaker also talked about the importance of strategic prayer on during your daily walk with God.

“There’s a difference between just doing common prayers before you eat, before you go to bed or only when you’re in a crisis, and living your life with strategic prayers, seeking a closer walk with God,” Kendrick said while referencing his popular movie WAR ROOM.

The director continued, “it’s a mindset where we’re regularly going to the Lord talking to him. And, that’s what the Lord wants that closer, intimate walk.”

“We need to be reminded of the crucial need for prayer. Has there ever been a time in our country that we didn’t need prayer more? We need it at every level, we need it for our families, we need it for our government,” he added.


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