ENDGAME Actress Calls Out Media Omitting Quotes Where She Gave God the Glory

ENDGAME Actress Calls Out Media Omitting Quotes Where She Gave God the Glory

By Jessilyn Lancaster, Managing Editor

Actress Letitia Wright called out media outlets who failed to include Wright’s quotes about the Lord in interviews and profiles on her work.

“It’s super cute when journalists/interviewers for magazines leave out the massive part where I give God the glory for the success/achievements in my life. Haha, I still love you, and God will still be praised,” Wright tweeted.

The tweet garnered attention from The Washington Post religion reporter Sarah Pulliam Bailey, who acknowledged that by ignoring God, stories about Wright that fail to mention her faith are a disservice to the reader.

The ENDGAME and BLACK PANTHER actress has spoken openly about her faith. Wright plays Shuri in Marvel’s AVENGERS franchise, the younger sister of T’Challa, aka Black Panther.

Movieguide® previously reported:

Wright grew up in the U.K and fostered a love for acting from an early age, often handing her resumé to casting agents directly. Through her teenage years and early twenties, she experienced some good casting traction, landing TV roles on HOLBY CITY and TOP BOY in the United Kingdom. Yet, as her professional accolades kept increasing, Wright began to sink into a depression.

Wright went to a Bible study in 2015, and God got ahold of her heart, rescuing her from depression and redirecting her energy to healing. THR notes, “immersing herself in Christianity, she found her equilibrium. Acting, she could take or leave; she turned down a film with Nicole Kidman to focus on her rehabilitative journey.” Wright commented, “I wrapped it up and was done with it, happy to do anything that was more chilled, but that’s not the way God had it with me.”

After landing a small role on Steven Spielberg’s READY PLAYER ONE, Wright starred in her breakout role in BLACK PANTHER. With her mind focused on God, Wright cultivated an attitude of positivity on set that let her light shine through to the cast and crew. Chadwick Boseman said of Wright, “I just enjoy having her around. Her joy, her spunk, it gave us all something. It gave us all a little piece of, I guess, the inspiration for the movie that we needed.”

Despite Wright’s rise in popularity, she continues to honor and glorify God in her work, and wants media outlets to acknowledge her faith.

Wright often posts about the Lord on social media and shares links to campaigns from Christian organizations as well as retweeting Christian influencers.