Hailey Bieber on Shame: ‘The Answer Was, And Always Is, and Always Will be Jesus’

Screenshot via Catching Up With Natalie & Hailey: Part 3 | Dealing With Shame on Youtube

Hailey Bieber on Shame: ‘The Answer Was, And Always Is, and Always Will be Jesus’

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

Model Hailey Bieber joined Hillsong TV host Natalie Manuel Lee to talk about all things marriage, comparison culture and how social media needs Jesus.

In the first episode, the wife of pop star Justin Bieber opened up about the guilt she felt in the beginning of her marriage.

“I think in the beginning especially for the first, probably, six or seven months of being married I was just ridden with guilt. I wish I hadn’t done this. I wish I had just walked into this clean and with a clean slate. But, what it taught me was that it’s just A) not realistic and B) we all have guilt and we all have shame for things we’ve done, but it doesn’t have to define who we are it doesn’t have to define my relationship.”

Bieber links this feeling of guilt back to how she was raised.

“I was raised in a Christian household. I grew up with Christian parents and I just put extra guilt on myself to be this like, good girl, to fill this role of being this goody two-shoes good girl, and what I learned leading up to being married was it’s just not realistic,” she told Lee.

However, she detailed how her past lead her to who she is today, and how she continues to grow because of her relationship with Jesus.

“We’re always evolving, especially with Jesus. Our relationship with Christ is always growing deeper and deeper and deeper,” she said.

In order to combat shame and guilt, Bieber said she had to understand, “What does the Bible say about feeling guilty and having shame and what does Jesus say?”

She continued, “I always know that I serve a God who is so about forgiveness, who died on the cross for my sins, but I do feel like there was a point in my life where I was really living performance based. Serving Jesus is not about performance.”

When she finally understood who He was, it all clicked.

Now, when she feels shame or guilt the first thing she says she does is release it to Jesus.

“The answer was, and always is, and always will be Jesus.”

In the following episode, Hillsong’s Lee asked Bieber what she thinks the biggest misconception is when it comes to marriage.

“If you don’t want to compromise, don’t get married,” Bieber said.

She continued to reveal that in order to be married, it’s necessary to leave things in the past and to grow as a person in your marriage.

As the conversation got deeper, the Hillsong TV host asked her about comparison. Bieber said, after she got married the comparison game got worse because other people didn’t understand her and Justin’s marriage.

However, she said her husband constantly reminds her to think these thoughts, “Who does Jesus say you are? What does the Bible say? What are we like? Where are we finding our truth?”

The model continued to talk about Jesus and how social media needs more of His truth instead of the lies that plague the virtual world.

“I feel it necessary in this day in age to spread love and spread positivity and spread the message of Jesus.”

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