How WAR ROOM Actor TC Stallings Follows the Holy Spirit’s Promptings

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How WAR ROOM Actor TC Stallings Follows the Holy Spirit’s Promptings

Interview by Evy Baehr Carroll, Movieguide® TV Host,

Copy by Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

WAR ROOM actor TC Stallings declared “God is the head coach,” in an exclusive interview with Movieguide®.

His new documentary, 24 COUNTER releases on June 30, 2020, and highlights his past with football and how it relates to his Christian life. Viewers will be able to screen 24 COUNTER on Stalling’s website.

“[The] Holy Spirit gives us the ability to carry out the plan, [but] God is the head coach [and] Jesus is the spiritual head coach and we just run the play. The game is life and the Bible is a playbook,” said Stallings.

Stallings is perhaps best known for his role in WAR ROOM, which won the Epiphany Prize® for Most Inspiring Movie at the 2015 Movieguide® Awards Gala and Report to the Entertainment Industry.

But this role in the Kendricks’ Brothers production was vastly different from Stallings’ initial career path.

According to Stallings’s website, “After stunning football campaigns in both high school and college, T.C. went on to play professionally in the Arena, Europe, and Canadian leagues. Following his success in athletics, T.C.’s desires shifted to a career in film and television.”

Stallings said football used to be his main priority until Jesus captivated his heart.

His new documentary unpacks what Stallings calls his “Damascus Road” moment.

“It’s like when Saul when he became Paul,” said Stallings. “I just had my Damascus Road moment in college and I’m forever grateful for my mom for even put[ting] me on the path [to Jesus].”

He hopes the documentary will lead to more projects.

Stallings said, “This is my inaugural project that will, Lord willing, lead to many many more, but I got to succeed right here right now.”

As for succeeding in life, Stallings looks to the Bible and the Holy Spirit’s promptings.

“I don’t want to do any action without the Lord leading that action so the process is pray, ‘Lord what do you want me to do?’” said Stallings. “I don’t move regardless of what people say. If he says ‘move and do this,’ I do it… He’ll show me I read scripture I’m got it and I go do it and I think all Christians that’s the way to go.”

Stallings also said, “I don’t care what I go through. I don’t care who doesn’t like me. I don’t care what opportunities I don’t get. As long as these things are as a result of me obeying Jesus Christ.”

Watch the full interview below.

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