‘There’s No More Dangerous Place to Talk About Ideas Than College Campuses’

Photo Courtesy of YouTube– No Safe Spaces: Isabella Chow

‘There’s No More Dangerous Place to Talk About Ideas Than College Campuses’

By Allyson Vannatta, Staff Writer

Tim Allen and Ben Shapiro are some of the famed celebrities involved in the new documentary NO SAFE SPACES. The MJM Entertainment movie explores the hot topic free speech.

NO SAFE SPACES follows comedian and podcaster Adam Carolla and conservative radio talk show host Dennis Prager. The pair travel the country visiting college campuses to discover the reality of free speech in modern-day America.

“We’re not making this film to solve all of America’s problems, but we are making this film to wake the country up to the fact that we’ve become a place that’s no longer adult enough to discuss ideas,” the movie’s Indiegogo page says. “There’s no more dangerous place to talk about ideas than on college campuses.”

While filming, Carolla and Prager interviewed Isabella Chow of the University of California Berkeley. Chow’s peers elected her to the student senate. She abstained from voting on a proposed bill because it violated her Christian faith.

Chow wasn’t prepared for the harsh criticism.

“I gave a short statement on why I couldn’t vote for that bill and the backlash was swifter and bigger than I would have ever imagined,” Chow says.

The Christian Post reported that hundreds of students demanded Chow’s resignation, and she was called a “bigot” and “hater.” Chow was also denied the opportunity to respond to accusations that were being levied against her.

In addition to Allen and Shapiro, other well-known celebrities made appearances in the movie. They include Jordan Peterson, Van Jones, Alan Dershowitz, Dave Rubin, and Cornel West.

Allen has been very vocal about his conservative beliefs. Movieguide® previously reported on his feelings about big government and taxes.

The actor also stars in Fox’s LAST MAN STANDING. LAST MAN STANDING follows Allen’s character, a conservative Republican who is trying to raise three very opinionated daughters with his wife. The show tends to attract a more conservative audience.

Shapiro, a political commentator, is also known for his very vocal conservative views.

Shapiro is the editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire, a news website that exposes liberal media bias in many of today’s leading news organizations.

The movie hits theaters on Oct. 25