Why South Korean Rapper BewhY Admires Kanye West’s Christian Conversion 

Photos courtesy of BewhY on Instagram and Wikimedia

Why South Korean Rapper BewhY Admires Kanye West’s Christian Conversion 

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

South Korean rapper BewhY says that he “admires” Kanye West’s bold declaration of faith in Jesus in his new music.

“Most recently, [West] released ‘Jesus Is King,’ which made me admire and wonder how his mind and spirit had transformed,” BewhY told Allkpop. “I would love to have an in-depth conversation with him about that.”

BewhY rose to fame on the reality show SHOW ME THE MONEY. Many of his songs have Christian themes and lyrics that mirror BewhY’s personal faith in Jesus, just like West.

According to Faithwire’s coverage, prior to “Jesus Is King,” BewhY had other thoughts about West:

“I feel like there would be a lot of areas where I would be able to relate to Kanye West,” said BewhY, admitting he wasn’t really interested in meeting the entertainment mogul prior to his religious awakening. “Before, I felt like his music was a little different from the direction I was heading towards. I felt like he had faith, but some of his aspects made me confused.”

“It wasn’t until his ‘Yeezus’ album that I really started listening to Kanye’s music more seriously,” he continued.

BewhY’s 2019 album, The Movie Star, features lyrics with Christian imagery. His song “Gottasade” references Paul’s letter to the Corinthians and has over 1million streams on Spotify to date.

Perhaps West’s comments are engaging a larger discussion amongst Christian recording artists all around the globe.

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