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Prayer, Not Parties, Is on American Minds This New Year’s Eve

Most Americans, two-thirds or 66%, say that prayer is the biggest thing on their minds this New Year’s Eve.

Two-thirds or 66% said they will say a prayer before midnight on New Year’s Eve, but only 42% said they will drink, only 21% will attend a party, and only 18% will go out to dinner with friends or family.

Only one-quarter, or 25%, said they will NOT say a prayer.

The survey, conducted by the Rasmussen Report, showed that more women than men said they will pray while more men than women said they will attend a party.

Maybe instead of partying, American men might want to ask the women they know if they would rather pray with them on New Year’s Eve.

Finally, blacks were more likely than whites to say a prayer before midnight.

– Source: CNSNews, 12/29/10.