Overcoming Mom Struggles: Priscilla Shirer Discusses Value of Raising Children

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Overcoming Mom Struggles: Priscilla Shirer Discusses Value of Raising Children

By Movieguide® Contributor

In 2018, WAR ROOM actress and author Priscilla Shirer and her mom Lois Evans made an appearance on PRAISE ON TBN to discuss mom struggles and how to overcome them.

“I think one of the hard parts about being a mom of children right now is that there seems to be this message that’s purported that if you’re just doing the motherhood thing that you’re missing out on something,” Shirer said. “You’re supposed to be doing some worldwide ministry as well as mothering your children.”

“And so those that have chosen to just stay home in some ways I feel like it’s easy to feel a bit deficient or a bit like you’re not actually doing all that God has called you to do,” she continued. “I think that that’s not necessarily the right message that needs to be extended to people.”

Evans and PRAISE host Laurie Crouch heartily agreed with Shirer. Evans shared the moment when it truly clicked with her that “just doing the motherhood thing” was all she needed to do.

”I had a mentor in my life…my mother,” Evans shared. “She looked at me one day as I was just trying to make everything happen and work because we started our church in our home, and she said to me, ‘Lois, this is your church,’ and I never forgot it. So, I buckled in and took care of my church. My ministry. My four children and the ministry that God called us to.”

“It’s intentional. It’s investing. It’s hard work. It takes a whole lot to make it happen, and yes, we do have those real days, but in the midst of it, I had a mom and a grandmother that had just probably a harder life than I had,” Evans explained. “And I saw them do it for His name’s sake, and that’s what’s been ringing in my head all these years. Still does as I watch my kids now raising my grandchildren do it for His name’s sake.”

Shirer reflected on a challenging moment of parenting where she had to go against her instincts and remind herself that as a parent, she is the “boss.” She realizes that nowadays children aren’t disciplined or held accountable for their actions. Their parents allow them to be the boss instead of themselves. But this isn’t how it’s supposed to be.

Despite the way children act, “Most of the time, even though your children won’t say it, they’re longing for some boundaries because boundaries given by an adult who loves them says and communicates that they’re loved,” Shirer explained.

Movieguide® previously shared Shirer’s message for other moms. She said:

I know, I know. You have one million things on your plate, the highest priority of which falls to mothering your own precious babies. And now someone’s telling you, in addition to cooking nutritious meals, shuttling kids from one activity to the next, keeping a clean-enough house and cultivating your own passions and purpose, you also need to find someone to mentor?

Yes, yes I am.

Because our responsibility and privilege as women is to pour into the next generation – to intentionally and consistently pass the baton of values, morals and feminine strength forward. Growing into womanhood is hard. We all remember the wobbles, missteps and challenges that shaped our own unique coming-of-age narratives. We owe it to our younger sisters, from all backgrounds, cultures and demographics, to shine the light that hindsight offers as they navigate their way.

Shirer’s mother passed away on Dec. 1, 2023, on her birthday, from a battle with biliary cancer.

Her husband, Pastor Tony Evans said, “As she slipped away, we told her how much we love her, how proud we are of her, and how thankful we are for the life she has lived.”

Shirer shared on Instagram the day Evans passed: “Because she was. I am. Happy Birthday mommy. I love you and miss you so much 💜”


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