Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones: ‘I’m Finally Now Serving the Lord’

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Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones: ‘I’m Finally Now Serving the Lord’

By Movieguide® Staff

Singer and former member of the Pussycat Dolls band Kaya Jones shared how she went from serving herself to serving God.

Jones recently shared pictures from her baptism at City of Destiny Church in Apopka, Florida, on May 23. 

“I’ve sung with Jagger, Britney, Fergie, Katy Perry & many others. Nothing & no one compares to singing with Jesus!” Jones wrote on social media.

“I first saw Paula White-Cain when I was 16 & signed to Capitol Records while her ministry was on BET. It sowed a seed,” she added of the church’s pastor. “A year later I joined the Pussycat Dolls & was not serving God but rather myself. I knew I wasn’t following God’s plan for me. Much damage & pain has come.”

However, Jones said that she finally dedicated her life to Christ. 

“I’m finally now serving the Lord. It was a dream come true to be baptized by this woman who brought me to Christ through the TV. God writes the most incredible outcomes,” Jones said. “You are loved. Never too late to give your life to Him. Thank you for saving me! You take what the enemy meant for evil & you turn it for good!”

In an interview with The Christian Post, Jones said that the entertainment industry is all about “glorifying yourself.” 

“Our industry pushes [faith] away so much and shuns it away,” Jones added. 


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The Christian Post reported:

Jones contended that the entertainment industry’s hostility toward faith is “rooted in a lot of satanic teachings.” She characterized the fact that the industry calls on people to “sacrifice who you are” to idolize oneself as the most pervasive “satanic” teaching. 

She told CP that many in the industry subscribe to beliefs that “you can’t be a wife” and “you’ve got to stay skinny, so don’t get pregnant.” Lamenting that “abortions are championed in the industry,” Jones recalled that “I was told to get rid of it when I got pregnant.” 

Unfortunately, in the early 2000s Jones was not walking with the Lord and performed an abortion.  

“As someone who’s had an abortion and I can contest to other women that I know who’ve had as well, we regret not having our child, our children, so … I do think that … it’s a really important issue to be speaking on now more so than ever because people are glorifying it and they’re really giving you horrible advice,” Jones said. “The Lord told me when I needed to speak on that and I started to speak on it, and I’m speaking from a place that I’ve done it, I’ve lived it, it’s very painful.”

Despite the pressure she faced as a young star in the entertainment industry, Jones said that culture has changed concerning body image. 

“It wasn’t like it is now … where Kylie Jenner’s having a baby and everyone’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, so cool.’ There was a time where … it was looked down on, and industry people would tell you that’s something you don’t want to do and if you did get pregnant, you could be fired,” she said. 

Jones said that the industry pressured her in different areas after she publicly announced both her faith in God and her support of former President Donald Trump in 2017. 

“I pray to Jesus,” Jones said in an interview with The Blaze in 2017. 

“That was the first time in a public way I actually claimed very publicly who I pray to, and I remember the heat that ran through my body, and this is while I was on camera, of course, and nobody knew this because I didn’t say anything when it took place. There was a heat that ran through my body at that point because it was very intense to publicly say what has been my … saving grace and … who I … believe to be the creator of everything in existence,” she said. 

More recently, Jones said that the pandemic and 2020 election motivated her to change the content of her posts on social media. 

“My posts started to change. What I posted about, how I was speaking, it had started to really hit me at the core where I was reading the Word every single day. I was sending out emails and text messages to family, friends, even acquaintances of scriptures and positive messages every single day because I knew that people needed it,” Jones said

The CP reports

Following the 2020 presidential election, when “everything went in a very different … way than everyone believed it would,” Jones frequently posted on social media, attempting to share with her followers “the insight that I was getting from what I was reading with the Word.” After seeing her posts on social media, one of White’s producers reached out to Jones and asked her if she would like to do a podcast on White’s Life Network for Women. Shortly thereafter, Jones launched her weekly podcast, titled “Messages with Kaya.”

After the launch of “Messages with Kaya,” Jones visited White’s City of Destiny Church, where she began interacting with members of the congregation and “really getting into the Word and living in that.” The singer inquired about whether the church was doing baptisms, which had stopped because of the coronavirus. When she found out that the church was going to resume baptisms, Jones was excited and expressed a desire to “receive the purification by water with the Holy Spirit.” 

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