QB Jalen Hurts Keeps ‘God in The Center’ as Eagles Soar Early

Photo from Jalen Hurts’ Instagram

QB Jalen Hurts Keeps ‘God in The Center’ as Eagles Soar Early

By Movieguide® Staff

Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Jalen Hurts is making a case for best in the league after a 24-7 win against the Minnesota Vikings on Sept 19.

The 24-year-old also leads the entire league in yards per pass attempt. The Eagles sit comfortably atop the league with the most total yards through the season’s first two weeks (941).

“It was very efficient tonight,” Hurts said of his performance. “That’s the type of football we want to play … We want to be that way consistently.”

The win also gave the Eagles their first 2-0 start since 2016, and they are tied with the New York Giants as the best team in the NFC East.

Despite his early career success in the NFL, Hurts keeps his life in perspective through his faith in God.

“I’ve just matured and realized that God is everything,” Hurts told CBS Sports in a recent interview. “He’s worthy of praise. You have to put Him at the center of everything that you do. That’s what I believe. All my spiritual wisdom — all of my wisdom as a whole — comes from Him, in some way, shape or form, whether that be passed down from my father, my mother, my grandmother. I just think, in all the things that we experience in life — good, bad or indifferent — you have to keep Him in the center.”

Hurts practices what he preaches, not just on the field but also in the surrounding Philadelphia community and his hometown of Houston, Texas.

As Hurts looks to lead his team to their first Super Bowl appearance since 2018, and his first-ever, he wants to keep God at the center.

“God only made me one way,” he told CBS Sports. “That’s to be me. That’s to be Jalen Hurts. I think, being in this city, being the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, and just having the opportunity to play the game I love most, in the best city of football, I just go out there every day and I am who I am, and I keep God in the center, I give Him all the praise, I lean on Him all the time, and I know that everything unfolds the way it’s supposed to.”