Reddit Updates Policies to Protect Minors, While Leaving Other Questionable Policies Intact

Photo by Brett Jordan via Unsplash

Reddit Updates Policies to Protect Minors, While Leaving Other Questionable Policies Intact

By Movieguide® Contributor

the National Center on Sexual Exploitation expressed concerns about the social media website Reddit, and their policies regarding sexual content on the website. 

According to the statement “Reddit has updated its child safety policy, answering concerns raised by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) to help curtail predatory behaviors of adults towards minors. Reddit is on NCOSE’s 2023 Dirty Dozen List, an annual list of mainstream entities that facilitate, enable, and even profit from sexual abuse and exploitation.” 

The announcement Reddit made is that it will ban “comments, pictures, cartoon images (anime, etc.), and poses that sexualize minors, as well as predatory behaviors such as ‘sexual role-play where an adult might assume the role of a minor.’” 

Haley McNamara, Vice President of Strategy and Communications for the organization, shared her thoughts on the statement. 

“Reddit has taken a significant step to course-correct its user safety policies to improve child safety, corresponding to multiple concerns our organization raised,” she said. “This is good and commendable news! At the same time, we have on-going concerns about implementation as well as Reddit’s harmful polices around adult image-based sexual abuse.” 

Despite this, Reddit still permits AI-generated pornography on its platform.  

According to the statement, “Reddit must confront the scourge of image-based sexual abuse, whether AI-generated or otherwise, that has thrived on its platform,” McNamara said. “We reiterate our call on the company to remove sexually explicit content unless it can enact meaningful age and consent verification of those depicted in pornography.” 

Digital Trends shared that Reddit is “the fourth most visited site in the U.S.,” and “the sixth most visited worldwide.” The website is described as “it’s a massive collection of forums where people can share news and content or comment on other people’s posts.” 

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