Repairing and Transforming the Culture by Redeeming Hollywood


Beyond Illusion:

Repairing and Transforming the Culture by Redeeming Hollywood

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher


In our age of a crumbling and increasingly illiberal, bigoted and anti-Christian culture, the good news is that there are many people who are concerned and trying make a difference. The blueprint for making a difference and repairing the culture, however, requires seeking wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and then training to show ourselves approved by correctly handling the Gospel of our LORD, Jesus Christ. As I’ve said often, we need more Christians in Hollywood in this regard, and less Hollywood in the Christians.

Even so, there’s a strategic approach to turning Hollywood rightside up. This includes many important callings to be pursued, in contrast to the misapplication of time, energy and resources.

For instance, there are many who are praying hard for the culture, who need to take the next step – get out of the boat and walk on water.

While it’s true that it’s all about God, God calls us to be his body, including His mouth, His hands and His feet. Some have been called to make movies or television programs, or even to build movie studios. If that’s your calling, go for it.

However, one movie, one TV program and even one movie studio won’t turn the entertainment industry rightside up.

Back in the 1980s, for example Trammel Crowe, a multimillionaire, built the largest movie studio in Texas. His studio executive asked me to be the chaplain at several of his retreats to convince Hollywood to use his movie studio. When the Texas laws changed however, the movie industry fled to Australia. Then, when the Australian laws changed, they fled to Canada, then to New Zealand and so forth.

Film production studios are service centers, just like hotels, they need people to rent their space. Quite often, the state or the country where they’re located will attract clientele to the studios because of tax incentives, but they aren’t the places where movies and TV programs are conceived, developed and staffed with above-the-line talent.

That place is Hollywood, which develops the staff and creates the project, and only then will look for the right venue to produce it. The venue, however, isn’t the creative center of the entertainment industry.

So, while we certainly want more Christians involved in every level in the entertainment industry, redeeming the media requires convincing Hollywood that it’s to their advantage financially to make better movies and entertainment.

That’s exactly what we do at Movieguide®. That’s what we’ve done and that’s why we’ve seen more and more movies with positive and even overt Christian content.

The approach we’ve taken at Movieguide® is the low cost, high leverage strategy to change the hearts and minds of the entertainment industry producing the most successful movies and television.

Investing millions of dollars in building hotel rooms or studio space, investing time in prayer, and investing in a particular movie project are all worthwhile goals. However, if you really want a low-cost, high leverage, high impact approach to turning the entertainment industry rightside up, please invest in Movieguide®!


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