Rob Lowe’s Sons Share The ‘Invaluable’ Role He Played In Their Lives: ‘He Never Gave Up on Me’

Photo from Rob Lowe’s Instagram

Rob Lowe’s Sons Share The ‘Invaluable’ Role He Played In Their Lives: ‘He Never Gave Up on Me’

By Movieguide® Staff

For John Owen, the son of actor Rob Lowe, his father played an instrumental role in his journey to sobriety.

“When you consider what he went through in his 20s, his meteoric rise and some turbulence, and being in the public eye for decades… To come out a family man, a really, really good father, a really, really strong husband, and just a fun, kind guy to be around, that’s the day-to-day example he sets,” John Owen, 26, told People.

“On the most personal level possible, when I was struggling with addiction, he was always there for me,” John Owen added. “I credit that with being one, if not the main, reason that I’m sober and living a healthy lifestyle.”

Lowe, who is got his start in Hollywood on 1985’s ST. ELMO’S FIRE was no stranger to the party scene.

After 32 years sober, Lowe offered support and advice for his son battling addiction.

“I really knew Johnny was a chip off the old block, as his big thing was, ‘Dad, I’m getting straight A’s at Stanford. How much of a problem could I have?’ That [justification] was my thing,” Lowe confessed.

Their shared experiences allowed Lowe to step in as a loyal father and friend to his son.

“He never gave up on me,” John Owen said. “I have a little over three and a half years [of sobriety] now, but when I took my first-year chip, he and I spoke at a [12-step] meeting in front of 200 people. And it was one of the most profound experiences of my life.”

Lowe’s other son, Matthew, recognized the importance of his father’s involvement.

“The whole family rallied around [and] having someone who has such experience in the realm of sobriety to lead the charge was so invaluable,” Matthew said.

“He does the same thing in everyday life: [Whether it’s] me going off to college, or to law school, he’s always the cheerleader,” he continued. “He’s the first one to do absolutely anything to help you succeed.”

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