Roma Downey Says Faith-Based Entertainment is ‘Roaring in the Light’

Photo by Chris Schmitt for Movieguide®

Roma Downey Says Faith-Based Entertainment is ‘Roaring in the Light’

By Movieguide® Staff

Roma Downey explained why Christian movies rival mainstream films while on the Movieguide® Awards red carpet. 

“I think that I think we just have to remember to step up with confidence into our faith,” she told Movieguide®. “I think for too long we were whispering in the shadows. And now we’re roaring in the light.”

Downey has a long history with faith-focused content, including TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL and THE BIBLE. 

“It’s everything,” the actress said of sharing her faith through her platform. “God has been so good to us, and we tried to glorify Him through our work….This has been an especially great year, I think, for films and TV shows with a lot of heart.” 

Downey produced ON A WING AND A PRAYER, and its star, Dennis Quaid, is nominated for Movieguide®’s Grace Prize® for Movie Performance award. 

“I’ve been in this space for 30 years maybe, trying to tell stories that impact the world for good,” Downey added. “We’re committed to telling stories of hope. And and that was a particularly hopeful one,” she said of ON A WING AND A PRAYER. 

Downey will be in the Movieguide® Awards Broadcast on GAF on March 7 at 8 p.m. ET.