Russell Crowe Calls Out ‘Kids These Days’ After MASTER AND COMMANDER Complaints

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Russell Crowe Calls Out ‘Kids These Days’ After MASTER AND COMMANDER Complaints

By Movieguide® Staff

Actor Russell Crowe called out “kids these days” for complaining about his Movieguide® Award-nominated movie, MASTER AND COMMANDER: THE FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD.

Crowe, who was nominated for the Grace® Prize for Movies for his role in MAN OF STEEL, tweeted about the “brilliant” movie:

Crowe’s rebuke about “no focus” echoes Movieguide®’s commitment to empower parents to teach their children about media discernment.

According to Movieguide® Publisher Dr. Ted Beahr’s “The Screen-Wise Family”:

Our families, and especially our youth, are being corrupted and destroyed by the messages being sold in the mass media of entertainment. Even our churches have been unable to give their members, especially their youths, sufficient help in avoiding the negative impact of our entertainment culture….

Part of the reason for this parental frustration is the fact that there’s been a dumbing down of the country by people promoting the self-esteem, values clarification and other recent education fads, which dispense with the fundamentals of classical education and promote politically correct leftist falsehoods, mindless tolerance and radical identity politics. The consequence of these educational experiments can be seen clearly in the church. At the time of the American Revolution, the colonial church was praised for being highly literate, with most of the churchgoing population reading and writing English, Latin, Greek, and at least one other language. Today, many experts are told to edit and adapt their communications to a fifth grade level for church consumption.

This dumbing down has prevented many concerned Americans from developing the necessary discernment to use the media properly, rather than being used by it.

Teaching children discernment is difficult for many parents because they:

· WERE NOT taught discernment themselves;

· DO NOT grasp the full magnitude of a solid Christian worldview themselves;

· DO NOT watch the movies, hear the music, go to the websites, or play the games that engage their children;

· DO NOT understand the cognitive, psychological and spiritual impact of the mass media on their children;

· DO NOT understand that their children view the media “syntactically” in terms of the visual, aural and emotional elements of the media (such as the action and adventure in movies and rhythm and beat in music), while parents usually see the media “semantically” in terms of meaning, message and moral implications (such as the sex, violence, foul language, and message in a movie and the obscene lyrics of a rap song), while reviewers critique it “aesthetically” in terms of their artistic elements, and very few of them understand the other person’s perspective;

· DO NOT understand how the mass media of entertainment influences their children differently at various different stages of cognitive development;

· DO NOT comprehend the principles behind teaching discernment and media awareness other than discussing (or complaining about) a form of media or locking media devices in a closet, and then playing board games or going for walks.

Had the original Twitter user been taught proper media discernment, he would have been able to see that MASTER AND COMMANDER displays Director Peter Weir as “a master craftsman at creating atmosphere.”

Furthermore, Crowe’s MASTER AND COMMANDER presents an excellent opportunity for families with teenagers to engage in meaningful media discussions about the movie.

According to the Movieguide® review:

On the positive side, the movie has a very strong moral worldview, which is supplemented by some very strong Christian elements, including important positive references to Jesus Christ, God, and the Lord’s Prayer. These Christian elements come a little late in the movie to make it a Christian worldview, but they will help the movie reach out to the massive Christian audience and other moviegoers who admire Jesus Christ and some of his teachings. The movie is not preachy about these things, however. The emphasis is on action and personal relationships.Some minor negative elements take the edge off the movie’s positive qualities.

MASTER AND COMMANDER was selected as one of 2003’s Best Movies for Mature Audiences at the 12th Annual Movieguide® Awards Gala and Report to the Entertainment Industry.