Sadie Robertson Huff Shares Her Birth Story: ‘Everything I Prayed for Happened’

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Sadie Robertson Huff Shares Her Birth Story: ‘Everything I Prayed for Happened’

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Sadie Robertson Huff spent the first 40 weeks of her pregnancy planning and prepping for labor. She made a birth plan that started by her water breaking on its own while she was out walking with her husband, Christian. She would labor at home for a few hours before she would check into the hospital and have the baby quickly with no epidural.

“None of that ever happened,” Huff says in the latest episode of her Whoah That’s Good podcast. “But, everything that I prayed for happened.”

Huff elaborated: “One prayer was that honey would be strong. The next prayer was that she would be sweet because the verse that her name is kind of after is in Proverbs 16, where it says, ‘Gracious words are like honey, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones,’ and we love that honey in and of itself is so sweet, but it’s also so strong. We prayed [for her] to be sweet and strong, and we also prayed that she would have a lion inside of her lungs that would be fighting for her, so when she’s born that she would just breathe out the praise of God. It says in Psalm 8:2, ‘Out of the mouths of babes and infants, You have established strength,’ and I love that.”

Back to the birth plan. Huff hit 40 weeks, and Honey seemed quite content to stay put, so Huff tried all sorts of tricks to get Honey to make an appearance: Drinking raspberry tea leaf, eating egg plant, bouncing a yoga ball, using rose oil.

“Everything on Google on how to induce labor, I did, and nothing happened. I even did the whole membrane stripping thing three times. Nothing happened. I mean this baby was like in there to stay!” But Huff wanted to wait it out, initially rejecting a medical induction.

An induction would go against her natural birth plan, after all.

At 41 weeks though, Christian was concerned that Huff needed to consider a medical induction.

“The night before that, I was praying about it, and I just felt such a peace in the surrender of like, ‘God, I actually don’t want my plan I actually want your plan. And so if tomorrow I go in, and I haven’t dilated more, I haven’t changed, and like I really want Your plan, I really don’t want mine. So, I surrender that.”

The next day, Huff went to the hospital.

“We prayed the whole way there, and we prayed for nurses who would be Spirit-filled, and all these prayers that really were above and beyond. We were just like, ‘Even if we don’t encounter that, God,’ we were like, ‘Would we just be the type of people that our eyes would be so fixated on You that whenever we have this baby, everyone in the room would be impacted by your presence there, because I know You’re going to be near, and I know you’re going to be my strength, and so we just carry such a peace in the presence that people would see that, so we pray for that, too.’ When we get there and it was just so cool to see all these prayers unfold.”

First, Huff was already in labor when they hooked her up to check contractions. Then, the nurses who began to assist her were all Christians, and some even shared how Huff’s content had impacted them throughout the pandemic.

Then, the doctor had to go perform a C-section for another mother and planned to break her water when he returned.

Huff opted to get the epidural, and she said she and her family in the delivery room just started dancing. While dancing, Huff said she felt a sensation like she was pooping and felt embarrassed about it but laughed it off.

When the doctor came back to break her water, he discovered the pooping sensation was actually Huff’s water breaking on its own.

Everyone laughed it off, and the family continued to enjoy themselves until it was time for Huff to push.

That’s when the atmosphere shifted.

“I go to push and everything gets like crazy. I all of a sudden was pushed down on the bed, they pushed my mom out of the way, and every nurse in the room was over me, and they’re pulling my legs and like pushing my stomach as hard as they could, and honestly I didn’t know what happened. I thought they had to cut me open. I thought something happened. They kept me open because of how painful it was when they pressed on my stomach. Now I know they were pressing my pelvic bone to get her out because what happened was Honey got stuck. Her shoulder actually got stuck, which is really really rare, and since then we found out that only happens in about 1% of births, and it’s what our nurse said is the scariest thing that can happen in a vaginal delivery. They said when it happened for them, my time just stood still, because what was happening is the shoulder was clamping the umbilical cord causing her not to get air. In that moment like every second counts. And they couldn’t get her out for two minutes and 10 seconds.”

In most deliveries where a baby’s shoulder gets stuck and compresses the umbilical cord, the baby is immediately rushed to the NICU to receive oxygen. If the oxygen is compromised for three minutes, the mother must have an emergency C-section.

Christian rushed to change the music playing to “Million Little Miracles” by Elevation Worship as Honey finally emerged. But Honey wasn’t breathing, and she was blue.

The only sound in the room is the worship music as medical personnel try to get Honey to breathe.

“Then all of a sudden, like we heard the prayer that we prayed, the lion from the tribe of Judah the roar, if you will,” Huff remembers of Honey’s first breath. “She literally just like screamed, and it was just a miracle because she should not have been breathing on her own. They’re about to take her to the NICU, and she just started breathing on her own, like they gave her a little oxygen that they had there and then she just did it on her own. Then it was a miracle because her shoulder wasn’t even broken, which they tried to break it to get it out, so it was supposed to be broken and it wasn’t broken.”

Doctors said Honey’s shoulder didn’t break because the baby was so big and strong — just like the Huffs had prayed.

“In that day, we experienced such a peace that surpasses all understanding,” Huff said. “We experienced a miracle.”



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