Sheryl Crow Calls AI In Music Industry ‘Scary,’ ‘Disturbing’

Photo from Sheryl Crow’s Instagram

Sheryl Crow Calls AI In Music Industry ‘Scary,’ ‘Disturbing’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Musician Sheryl Crow calls AI’s rise in popularity in the music industry “disturbing.”

“My philosophy about it was, OK, I’m gonna write songs that are meaningful, in the moment, right?” she said of her new album, “Evolution.” “So instead of writing an entire book, I’ll just put out sentences…but I wound up with a bunch of songs that I’d written just recently, starting off with ‘Evolution,’ which is a song about AI, speaking about The Beatles, and it’s been so disturbing to me.”

Crow recalled a meeting with a female songwriter who needed a male voice to sing on a track. Instead of finding someone to work with, she put it through an AI feature that mimicked John Mayer’s voice. 

“There’s no way you could tell the difference and it just blew my mind. And it didn’t just sound like him, I mean, like his inflections,” she said. “For me, art is like soul, it’s attached to the soul, so when you get into something that’s so much more advanced than our brains are at this point, it takes the soul out of it, you know, and it’s scary.”

Crow isn’t the only one worried about AI. Recording Academy chief Harvey Mason Jr. recently clarified that music made with AI voice modeling won’t be considered for Grammy awards. 

“Let me be extra, extra clear,” he said. “Even though it was written by a human creator, the vocals were not legally obtained, the vocals were not cleared by the label or the artists and the song is not commercially available and because of that, it’s not eligible.”

Mason continued, “I take this [AI] stuff very seriously. It’s all complicated, and it’s moving, really, really quickly. I’m sure things are going to continue to have to evolve and change. But please, please, do not be confused. The Academy is here to support and advocate and protect and represent human artists, and human creators, period.”

Songwriter and producer SIXFOOT 5 spoke to ABC News about the dangers of AI, saying, “I think artists should be more afraid because I could see the music industry saying, ‘We don’t really need you anymore. We have your vocal profile.’”

Movieguide® previously reported on AI in the music industry:

According to Relevant Magazine, the latest gospel music artist is not human.

The artist is named J.C. and is artificial intelligence. The algorithm wrote “Biblical Love,” the first gospel song recorded and performed by a digital artist.

Christians have shared their thoughts about J.C. and the new song in a recent Facebook post by CBN.

“Artificial Intelligence cannot fulfill John 4:24 ~ God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and truth,” one user posted.

Another added: “We are called to worship God in spirit and truth worship comes from our heart to God a computer can’t replicate true worship.”