Should Christian Actors Care What Their Parents Think of Their Acting Roles?

Photo courtesy of YouTube: Taron Egerton on Friendship with Elton John & Playing Him in Rocketman

Should Christian Actors Care What Their Parents Think of Their Acting Roles?

By Katherine Harrington, Contributing Writer

Christian actors are some of the most important people in the industry, but what happens when they take on roles that seem contrary to biblical values?

Their choice of roles reflects their own personal morals and relationship with Christ. This is not to say that they can’t play morally corrupt people, but rather that they do not grieve the Holy Spirit with their choices.

Taron Egerton who played Elton John in ROCKETMAN recently discussed in an interview the embarrassment he faced when his uncle saw the movie.

“My uncle, who’s an older welsh gentleman, very tradition, not prejudice just traditional. He went to see it in the cinema, and it was very silent during Richard Madden and I’s love scene apart from my Uncle who said ‘Oh F’in H@#$’.

While some actors had their parents choose their roles for them, they eventually grow to choose their own roles and branch out from the ‘appropriate’ roles their parents chose for them.

Zac Efron had this experience with THE LUCKY ONE.

“We saw the film together and I was squirming. Even though she was a couple of seats down from me, I tried to duck during those scenes because it was too embarrassing,” Efron said of his mother.

Mila Kunis also spoke about the uncomfortability her father felt when he saw her movie BLACK SWAN.

“I feel sorry for my Dad though. If I’m not mistaken he walked out during the sex scene in BLACK SWAN,” Kunis said.

Hollywood often tells performers that sex sells and actors feel the pressure to fulfill that supply and demand. Despite the fact that their parents may feel uncomfortable, actors can still be pushed into these kinds of roles.

As actors grow to make their own decisions about roles, they should keep in mind what their parents taught them and how they were raised. They should absolutely care about what their parents may think, not motivated by fear but rather encouraged by what their parents instilled in them.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 NIV.

This doesn’t just apply to Christian actors, but applies to Christian families in general! If we teach children The Word of The Lord and show them how to hide it in their hearts then they will inevitably choose roles which ultimately glorify God.