Stop the Next Murder Spree


Stop the Next Murder Spree

By David Outten and Ted Baehr

The recent murders in Santa Barbara reveal in sad detail the worst of the sexual revolution. Elliot Rodgers killed six people, and then himself, because he felt he was denied sex by girls who gave it freely to other boys. His Facebook video announcement of his murderous plans is dangerous. There are undoubtedly other unstable boys who feel denied and may be inspired by his remarks and his example.

You may need to take action today to prevent copycat killings.

A self-confessed pornography user, Rodgers was known to play World of Warcraft up to 14 hours a day (the same game preferred by James Egan Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado theater killer). In his video, Rodgers said, “I will be a god‚” and claimed he would show the world he is a true “alpha male.”

Clearly, his response to being shunned was extreme, but in an age of easy access to pornography and violent video games a similar mix of attitudes may be more common than we realize.

When the media portrays the normal life of teenagers and young adults to be filled with parties and free sex, there will be boys who feel left out –particularly if they spend long hours playing video games.

Rodgers left behind a sizable volume of videos and writings explaining his motivation. The self-centeredness of his documentation is palpable. He was mad at his mother for not getting remarried to some rich person so he could live in greater luxury. He was upset with his father for squandering the family’s wealth on a documentary movie entitled OH MY GOD. Elliot’s life was all about the narcissistic pursuit of his own happiness. When he failed miserably to find it, he decided to punish those he was jealous of by killing them.

Happiness does not come from sex, fame and power. Sadly, Hollywood rarely shows where it does come from. Steve Jobs was famous and powerful, but he found happiness making products that people love to use. Walt Disney was famous and powerful, but what made him happy was pleasing audiences. The average mother finds happiness is pleasing her children.

Had Elliot Rodgers understood that happiness comes in pleasing others, rather than expecting others to please him, he, and six other people, might be alive today.

One of the ironies of this tragedy is that Elliot’s father, when making OH MY GOD, went on an international quest searching for what “God” means to people. In the movie’s press kit, he says, “When I realized that it was Man creating God in his own image, I knew I had a film.” He concluded, “I realized that we all have a responsibility to live our lives with tolerance and understanding for our fellow man. Don’t be barbaric and ignorant.”

Those promoting sexual revolution instruct children that they are merely mammals in need of sexual gratification in the same way they’re in need of food. Terms like moral and immoral, or chastity and modesty are shunned. In reality, it’s the sexual revolution that’s barbaric and ignorant. The most important understanding of our fellow man is that we are all born sinners in need of a savior. Without this transformation, we are more likely to be barbaric.

If you have a child who loves World of Warcraft and looks at pornography, now is the time to take action. Don’t wait until they make the national news. Tolerance of evil can be catastrophic for your child and others. Understanding God’s love, even for troubled children, can save lives.

Our prayer is that this horrible tragedy will wake up parents and children that are on a wrong path and encourage them to seek God’s help.

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