Tara-Leigh Cobble Encourages Young Believers to ‘Consume The Word Of God’

Photo from Candace Cameron Bure’s YouTube

Tara-Leigh Cobble Encourages Young Believers to ‘Consume The Word Of God’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Podcaster and author Tara-Leigh Cobble recently appeared on Kirk Cameron’s TAKEAWAYS to share the best ways to start studying the Bible. 

Cobble is the host of the popular THE BIBLE RECAP podcast. While talking to Cameron, she shared some tips about how best to incorporate reading the Bible into everyday life. 

Her first tip? Opening the Bible app on her phone first thing in the morning and listening to that day’s reading “before my feet hit the ground.”

When Cameron asked how she deals with missing some days and thinking about just giving up, Cobble shared that there’s “no shame” in finding a routine that works for you, whether that’s listening to it in the car on your morning commute, or at the end of the day. 

“There’s no wrong way to consume the word of God,” she stressed. 

Cobble also shared tips for “beginners” who are looking to start studying the Bible. 

“It’s helpful to start in the New Testament,” she advised, then added that many people are auditory learners, so listening to the Bible read out loud might be more helpful than reading it. 

“That’s not cheating,” Cobble joked. “[Listening is] how, for the bulk of human history, people consumed scripture.”

Cobble then addressed Cameron’s comments about the different ways one can study the Bible, whether that’s “speed-reading” through it, spending weeks studying one chapter, or concentrating on specific verses. 

“I think there’s merit to any time in God’s word,” Cobble said. “I will not discourage anybody from whatever the Lord has called them to.”

She concluded by speaking to perfectionists who might think that if they “miss one day…’Forget it, I’ll start over next year!’”

“We let our failure perpetuate further failure and I think perfectionism keeps us from good things,” Cobble explained. “So, when we miss that one day, we pick up and start again the next day.”

She continued, “Every day that you are in God’s word, you’re right on time.”

Watch Cobble’s full conversation with Cameron here.

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