EVERYDAY LIFE:  Pilot Episode

Quality:  * * * *     Acceptability:  +4

Language:  None

Violence:  V

Sex:  None

Nudity:  None


AIR DATE:  November 29, 2009

TIME:  30 minutes

CONTENT:  (CCC, BBB, V, M) Very strong Christian, moral worldview extolling repentance, forgiveness, and lots of God talk; no foul language; very light violence when man run off the road; no sex; no nudity; no alcohol; no smoking or drugs; and, protagonist is a workaholic who has lost his compassion and neglects his wife, but who repents.

GENRE:  Drama


REVIEWER:  Dr. Ted Baehr

REVIEW:  The new television series EVERYDAY LIFE is reminiscent of the very famous Thornton Wilder play, OUR TOWN. Robert Schuler is the narrator of stories about the people from Small Town U.S.A.

In the pilot episode, David Metcalf is a driven attorney who has worked his way to the top of a big law firm and has started to believe that he did it all himself. He is so driven that he leaves his beautiful home one fateful morning just before his wife has a second to tell him that she’s pregnant. Audrey decides David doesn’t have time for her anymore and starts packing to leave.


Driving to work while talking on his cell phone, David runs a small truck off the road. When the other driver catches up to him, David yells at him through the window that he is at fault because he didn’t pay attention to the yield sign. As a good lawyer, David gets the other driver’s address. When David gets to work, he encounters the shock of his life. The law firm is downsizing. Even though he is a partner, David is let go.

Before getting this news, on the way up the elevator, David encountered a man who gives him a God-like message. Robert Schuler comments, as the narrator, that God is always sending us messages. The question is, what will David do now that he has lost his job and perhaps his wife?

The producer of EVERYDAY LIFE, Aaron Norris, has won several MOVIEGUIDE® Awards. He has turned the concept of EVERYDAY LIFE into a gem, a very well made, classic television program. The production values, directing, and acting are excellent. More than that, the program is all about God speaking to us in many different ways.

Narrator Robert Schuler does a good job of explaining the scenes and giving the theological reflections on what’s . He is called The Storyteller, and he does just with excellence.

EVERYDAY LIFE is reminiscent of some of the classic television series of the 1960s, brought up to date with excellent production values. It is an inspiring program that’s well worth watching.

Please address your comments to:

Robert A. Schuler and Chris Wyatt

Mark Ringwald

Vice President, Programming

American Life Television Network

650 Massachusetts Ave., NW

Washington, DC  20001

Phone:  (202) 289-6633




STARRING: Robert A. Schuler

DIRECTOR:  Alin Bijan


EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS:  Aaron Norris and Cory Tynan

WRITER:  Cory Tynan

DISTRIBUTOR:  American Life Network


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