THE BLUE ANGELS Team Thrives on Trust and Gratitude

Photo from U.S. Navy Blue Angels’ Instagram

THE BLUE ANGELS Team Thrives on Trust and Gratitude

By Movieguide® Contributor

Movieguide® recently sat down with THE BLUE ANGELS’ Greg “Boss” Woolridge, the Blue Angels’ commanding officer, and Paul Crowder, director and editor, to get a deeper look into the documentary.

“This film features never-before-seen footage, capturing a year in the life of the Navy’s elite Flight Demonstration Squadron,” Movieguide®’s description reads. “From the intense selection process to the rigorous training and demanding show season, this documentary showcases the extraordinary teamwork, passion, and pride that drive America’s favorite flight demonstration squadron.”

“It’s wonderful to be able to bring this film to the audience to hopefully inspire the audience like the Blue Angels has inspired me over the last two years of my life in getting to be with them and hang with them,” Crowder said when asked about what it means that viewers can now see his movie.

“What they’ll get more than anything out of it is you don’t get to watch it from the ground. You get to watch it from the sky, from the cockpit, from up in the air, and that’s where that’s what really takes this film to a visual another level,” he added.

Crowder revealed that THE BLUE ANGELS already inspiring viewers to consider joining the Navy and become pilots.

The two “main features” that make the Blue Angels team work? “An extreme amount of gratitude and a tremendous amount of trust,” Woolridge explained.

He hopes viewers will see “the jubilance amongst the team members, right. Men and women off the street who decided to join the Navy and now they get to experience Navy and Marine Corps life, and the most important part of that is the interactions with people, how you develop friendships, lifelong friendships, built on trust because we trusted each other.”

Part of Movieguide®’s review for THE BLUE ANGELS reads:

THE BLUE ANGELS is a very captivating documentary on IMAX and Amazon Prime about the famous Navy exhibition team. The movie explores a year in the life of a particular team as they go through training, exhibitions and then retirement from the Blue Angels. The movie starts by telling viewers that the Navy has about 3700 combat pilots in active duty every year. Out of that, six are chosen to be members of the Blue Angels for about two years. In January, the six men featured in the movie are put through intensive training for three months. Their exhibitions feature flying that’s absolutely amazing for its need for precision and perfection. After training, the pilots travel the country like a sports team or rock band to 32 shows. Toward the end of their year-long exhibitions, the pilots choose the people to replace them.

THE BLUE ANGELS is an excellent family movie. It will inspire children and adults. Except for one very light obscenity, this one of the cleanest, most wholesome movies since the Golden Age of Hollywood. It’s highly recommended by MOVIEGUIDE®.

TOP GUN: MAVERICK actor Glen Powell is one of the producers and told PEOPLE how working on this project was a dream come true.

“I remember as a kid going to this air show,” he told PEOPLE. “It’s an amazing thing to have your mind blown as a kid. But it’s even more incredible to be like, ‘This is insane,’ and then to look at an adult and they are looking at the sky with that same level of awe.”

“These are people that aren’t only representing the Navy, but these are people that are serving their country,” he continued. “It was this really inspirational and aspirational thing where you could be extraordinary at a thing, and also be a really, really great person that represented all the best things about the Navy and all the best things about America.”

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