The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro: ‘Here Comes the Media Attempt to Get Me Banned from Social Media’

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The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro: ‘Here Comes the Media Attempt to Get Me Banned from Social Media’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Conservative author and speaker Ben Shapiro recently responded to a CBC article that suggests that his views are a “slippery slope”  leading to even more harmful and extremist views found online. 

“Here comes the media attempt to get me banned from social media,” Shapiro posted on Twitter “They can’t name which views of mine are particularly radical,  so they just go for the ‘I’m radicalizing the youths!” 

The Daily Wire emeritus editor attached a snippet of the article from the  Canadian publication that reads: 

While Shapiro is not affiliated with any hate group, experts in the  media, gender studies and the radicalization of young men say that  the commentator’s content is prevalent in online extremist  

communities,” the article said. “And the exposure to controversial – and increasingly harmful – views about masculinity, the  

objectification of women and the LGBT community has these same  experts raising concern about how extremist, far-right groups are  using TikTok, YouTube and other social media apps in a drip  

campaign to slowly radicalize vulnerable teens and young men.” 

Shapiro responded to the CBC piece’s claim of misogyny and promotion of toxic  masculinity by further tweeting, “Those views apparently include ‘objectification of women,’ which is a strange charge to level against an Orthodox Jew who  promotes virginity until marriage.” 

He continued, “What, precisely, are my Bad Views about masculinity? That men should be responsible? That they should get jobs, get married, and take care of their children? Sounds Very Very Bad!” 

Canadian journalist Rav Aurora came to Shapiro’s defense in a tweet,” “You can disagree with @benshapiro’s views, but these nebulous attacks of his ‘content is prevalent in online extremist communities’ are pathetic. Federal funding is what  keeps Canadian outlets alive to continually churn out these junk hit-pieces.” 

Meanwhile, in the U.S., groups have tried to silence Shapiro too when he made news last month after showing up to a podcast convention unexpected where his company The Daily Wire had purchased a booth.

Movieguide® reported

The Podcast Movement recently apologized after the Daily Wire’s Ben  Shapiro attended their annual convention in Dallas, noting that  “though he [Shapiro] was not registered or expected, we take full  responsibility for the harm done by his presence.” 

While the Podcast Movement issued a mass apology, other podcasters came to the defense of Shapiro and the Daily Wire and his  brief visit to the convention to take pictures with fans. 

Misty Phillip, founder of Spark Media Ventures, and Jodi Howe, who  also attended the convention, said that the announcements from the  Podcast Movement are a blatant example of cancel culture and  should be rebuked. 

“We’ve got to stop this, and we have to accept the fact that we’re not  all going to think alike,” Howe told Faithwire. “We don’t get to shut  people down when they say and do things that we don’t like, and it’s  OK to disagree. It’s OK to disagree without attacking people that have  different opinions.”

The Podcast Movement’s initial apology tweet reads, “Hi folks, we  owe you an apology before sessions kick off for the day. Yesterday  afternoon, Ben Shapiro briefly visited the PM22 expo area near The  

Daily Wire booth. Though he was not registered or expected, we take  full responsibility for the harm done by his presence.” 

“Those of you who called this ‘unacceptable’ are right,” the org said  in a follow-up tweet. “The pain caused by this one will always stick  with us. We promise that sponsors will be more carefully considered  moving forward.” 

But whatever was “painfully clear” to the Podcast Movement didn’t  stop eager fans from thanking Shapiro for his work in the podcast  space, standing for conservative values. 

“We actually ran into Ben and he was gracious and kind and stopped  and took a picture with us and several other people,” Phillip noted.  “So, I was so shocked when I saw the tweets … and I was wondering,  ‘What did he do to harm? He was kind and gracious to us.’” 

“They were canceling and apologizing for one of the top podcasters,”  she added. “It should have been a celebrated thing, and so it was  confusing, and it was disappointing, because we were thrilled that he was there and that The Daily Wire was there.” 

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh said of the incident and the dangers of the growing  cancel culture in general, “What happened yesterday represents an escalation  beyond all of that. It’s not simply Ben’s opinions that are dangerous now it is his  presence. His existence in physical space is harmful and painful.” 

Walsh went on to say,” When it’s determined that a conservatives mere presence  can cause harm the stage has been set for some rather dark and terrible things.  And if I do need to spell it out, then I will say that labeling the physical presence of a  group of people harmful is pre-genocide talk. It is quite literally a justification for  rounding people up and throwing them in prisons or mass graves.”


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