The Golden Globes & The Critics Choice Awards Have Sunken To A New Level With This Years Nominees

The Golden Globes & The Critics Choice Awards Have Sunken To A New Level With This Years Nominees

Ex 1: A women falls in love with an imprisoned fish creature and rescues it from hateful Christian men (THE SHAPE OF WATER).

Ex 2: A tall 24-year-old man lusts after a 17-year-old boy and woos him into an illicit homosexual relationship (CALL ME BY YOUR NAME).

Ex 3: A woman seeks justice for her murdered daughter in the conservative, but also foul mouthed, racist, mean-spirited Midwestern town of Ebbing (THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE OF EBBING, MISSOURI).

These are a few of the movies that have been nominated for awards by the Golden Globes, the Critics Choice Awards and many other upcoming awards. Amid sexual scandals that are rocking the entertainment industry, it’s a bit baffling, but not surprising that the industry celebrates movies that highlight the abusive, questionable and dark parts of society instead of shining a light on the good. More than half of the movies nominated in the best picture category for the Critics Choice Awards are rated ‘R’, and the same amount of movies are politically charged attacks on the millions of people of faith and values, not to mention women and children. Positively, two good movies, DUNKIRK and DARKEST HOUR, which ironically are set around the same historic events, were also nominated for the Critics Choice Awards.

In the Critics Choice acting category, stars like Tom Hanks and Gary Oldman received nominations for their respective roles in the Pentagon Papers drama THE POST and DARKEST HOUR, but Timothee Chalamet is considered a favorite for his role as the teenage boy in the pedophile romance CALL ME BY YOUR NAME. Meryl Streep received a Best Actress nomination for THE POST as did Jessica Chastain for her portrayal of the real-life Molly Bloom in MOLLY’S GAME, who ran a celebrity attended, high-stakes underground poker game.

THE SHAPE OF WATER came away with 14 nominations in all, while THE POST, LADY BIRD, DUNKIRK, and CALL ME BY YOUR NAME all tied with eight nominations each for the Critics Choice.

In the Best Animated Feature category, both DESPICABLE ME 3 and THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE were nominated for the Critics Choice. However, if they are among the best animated movies, why aren’t they being considered for Best Picture honors too?