What Will ‘Make America Great Again’?


What Will ‘Make America Great Again’?

By David Outten

Who will have more impact on your children: the media or Donald Trump?

America is deeply divided about what to expect from a Trump administration, but you can rest assured Donald Trump will not save your children from being led to disaster by the entertainment media. At Movieguide® we’re thrilled that more family and Christian movies are being made than ever, but the momentum of American media impact is not yet positive. Girls are still being encouraged to look like sex objects, and boys are still being taught to take advantage of them.

Many Christians hope that a Trump administration halt the growing government hostility to Christianity, but the place this really needs to be halted is in your own media choices. We know of too many sad cases where children of devout, active Christians are lured away into drugs, pornography or worse. Donald Trump will not solve this problem. It will only be solved by a profound focus on being the kind of parents God desires.

Media from THE LITTLE MERMAID, to BRAVE, to countless television programs, portray parents as too restrictive with their children. In its ratings, the movie industry pretends to call for “parental guidance” (PG) while it rarely ever shows a parent exercising guidance as a good thing. Guidance to save sex for marriage between a man and a woman is presented as vile bigotry. A president cannot change this.

What America needs is parental guidance, or at a minimum parents who watch media with their children and discuss how it relates to God’s will for their lives. The problem lies in the onslaught of messages that undermine faith in God.

At Movieguide®, we do our best to explain the worldviews of every movie that comes to the typical multiplex. We explain the dangers of false worldviews and we list objectionable content. Any parent wishing to provide Christian parental guidance should read Movieguide® reviews before permitting their children to see a movie. Our goal is to help parents and children see the good and the bad that’s available at the local theater. Our reviews provide instruction that will help parents and children to be more discerning in all their media choices.

Our THE CULTURE-WISE FAMILY® and THE MEDIA-WISE FAMILY books and our THE CULTURE-WISE FAMILY® video course help parents teach their children how to make wise decision to be culture wise so their children will want to keep the faith.

If you really wish to “Make America Great Again” it must begin in homes and families. America’s strength is in the character of its people. Parents, not politicians, are the primary builders of character. 

For more information on how to teach your children to be culture and on how to make media wise decisions, please go to: www.movieguide.org