The Most Expensive Place on Earth? Disney Enthusiasts Say Parks Are Overpriced

Photo by Amy Humphries via Unsplash

The Most Expensive Place on Earth? Disney Enthusiasts Say Parks Are Overpriced

By Movieguide® Staff

According to new data, a vacation to Disney’s World Resort in Florida is getting to be just too expensive.

That includes the Disney cruises, which vary their ticket prices by date. One less deterrent for potential consumers is that Disney cruises are no longer mandating COVID-19 test results for vaccinated passengers.

According to a recent survey of 1,927 Disney World fans, time2play discovered that 92.6% think Disney World is overpriced for an average family.

Moreover, nearly 50% of those surveyed said they even canceled Disney World vacations due to the price increase over the past few years.

To offer some comparison, “Koala” noted that the average price of a ticket to Walt Disney World Resort has increased 7.4% each year, with tickets now averaging $124 each.

The theme park, which opened in 1971, first sold tickets at $3.50 per person. Adjusted for inflation, that is just over $22 a ticket in today’s money, according to “Koala.”

For families that are struggling with inflation, a trip to the parks isn’t feasible. Meanwhile, Disney’s profiting off parks while their movies flounder.

Movieguide® previously reported on Disney’s reliance on theme park revenue:

While streaming helped keep Disney and other entertainment companies alive during the pandemic, new data shows that theme parks are doing the same amid today’s recession.

According to Variety, the most famous theme parks posted positive revenue numbers for Q2 and mirrored pre-pandemic earnings from 2019.

While there was an influx of consumers due to lifted COVID-19 regulations, Variety reported that parks are successful due to in-park spending.

Disney and Comcast, the parent company of Universal, posted higher Q2 earnings than in 2019.

“For companies like Disney and Comcast, theme parks are the biggest free cash flow generator, and strength in that segment helps offset any temporary declines in other business segments,” Variety reported. “Maintaining a solid war chest is the only way to stay somewhat shielded from the external macro pressures building.”

While the uncertain economy and inflation are concerns for major parks, they could help major companies stem the tide of financial uncertainty heading into 2023.

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