TikTok to Launch ChatGPT Search Result Summaries

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TikTok to Launch ChatGPT Search Result Summaries

By Movieguide® Contributor

TikTok appears to be toying with adding AI to its platform, launching a service that would summarize the top videos that appear from a search result.

Though the product is currently limited, select search results now include “AI search highlights” summarizing the information found in the top videos.

“AI Smart Search provides ChatGPT answers to search queries. TikTok’s algorithm displays these answers when it finds them relevant to your search,” TikTok explained of its new feature, per The Verge. “As this feature is new, errors like inaccurate or irrelevant answers could sometimes occur.”

“AI Smart Search cannot replace professional advice, especially for legal, medical, financial, or insurance-related matters,” the explanation continued. “We strongly recommend consulting experts in these fields for such queries.”

The feature looks to leverage young users’ habits of treating the platform as a defacto search engine, oftentimes looking up restaurant or product reviews on the app. To further improve this functionality, TikTok has also dabbled with connecting certain searches to outside resources such as WebMD or IMDB.

While TikTok’s AI Smart Search has yet to be fully released, similar AI search summaries are popping up across the internet to help streamline users’ experiences. Amazon, Yelp and Slack, for example, have all implemented this feature.

This use of AI is a perfect example of the way the technology could make the future better without threatening the livelihoods of millions. When ChatGPT first broke onto the scene, many people were worried about the possible job turmoil it could cause. However, the technology also poses a great upside for its ability to complete busy work and automate mundane tasks.

The AI search summaries serve as the first widespread use of the technology as a companion and a tool that simplifies tasks. It is exciting to see it become integrated into everyday life even as AI remains in the relative infancy of its development.

Movieguide® previously reported on using AI as a tool:

Many people in Hollywood have already labeled AI as a threat to their work, but some voices in the industry are looking use the new tech as a tool. 

“I think that artificial intelligence, with proper regulation, is a tool that absolutely ignites and enhances human creativity,” said Hollywood producer and editor Zack Arnold. “As long as we maintain that we are in the driver’s seat and we are the author as humans, I think that, to me, at least from a creative perspective, that’s the direction that we have to go.”

Arnold, who has worked on COBRA KAI, EMPIRE, and GLEE, called AI tech “both the foe and a friend.”

“I just don’t believe that original ideas exist; I don’t believe creativity is creating something from nothing,” Arnold continued. “I believe it’s creating something else from other things in a unique combination. And I think that whether it’s the human brain doing that or it’s AI using similar neural networks to help us facilitate and speed up that process, I have no problem with that. As long as… the part is what I own.”

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