Todd and Brooke Tilghman Discuss ‘Every Little Win’

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Todd and Brooke Tilghman Discuss ‘Every Little Win’

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Todd Tilghman and his wife Brooke never expected their crazy idea of auditioning for THE VOICE to amount to more than a fun story. However, Todd not only had success on the show, but the 43-year-old pastor with no formal vocal training became the oldest contestant to win. 

Despite Todd’s historic run on Season 18 of THE VOICE, he and his wife recently published a book called “Every Little Win,” which outlines how their true joy comes from trusting God every day. 

“A lot of people might see THE VOICE as sort of like the crowning achievement of my life, but really our lives are where they are right now because of all of these little daily victories that we’ve had up to this point,” Todd told CBN. 

“I’m kind of like leap of faith, do something crazy girl and I kind of thought it would be a cool story to tell the kids, like on a little whim, like ‘Oh, it could be something fun to say you did babe,'” Brooke said

Despite becoming a fan favorite due to his joy during performances, Tilghman said he just hoped for the best each round. 

“I’m really glad that that was the result for a lot of people but when I was on the show a lot of people did talk about joy and those things were all very genuine,” Todd said. “I was really overwhelmed with joy when the coaches turned around and every time I made it through a round.”

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The couple is also candid about the rocky start of their marriage.  

“We got married super young which, now I’m super glad we did, but I was immature and selfish and I kind of bought into the lie, the fantasy of Hollywood,” Brooke confessed. “When my marriage didn’t line up to that or I didn’t feel that I was experiencing that, I kind of wanted to go find greener pastures, which was a lie the enemy fed me but I bought into it.”

“Thankfully, I had praying people that encouraged me and loved me at my worst and

we brought it back around,” she added. “My husband stuck with me through it.”

However, the message of their book is that the everyday victories are just as important to recognize as the significant victories. 

“Oh man well first of all just recognize that you can work through things and hopefully you

can, if you want to talk about the marriage part,” Todd said. “Hopefully people can take away a win and just know that it might not feel a certain way today but you did make it through that day and you’re moving in the right direction.”

“You have to be intentional, you have to look for it because it’s there and you’ll find what

you’re looking for whether it’s the good or the bad,” Brooke added. 

Another aspect of the Tilghman’s testimony is their eight children. The couple shares six biological children and two daughters adopted from Korea.

“Even as a little girl, we almost were able to adopt… it didn’t work out but I think God planted that seed when I was a little girl and it’s just always been something in the back of my mind,” Brooke said. “We started walking through every door… the Lord kept opening

doors and so it’s been a wonderful experience.” 

Movieguide® previously reported

Before pastor and musician, Todd Tilghman won season 18 of THE VOICE, he and his wife Brooke adopted two daughters from South Korea.

However, Tilghman recently shared the joy and pain he experienced after adopting daughters Judah and her sister, Olive.

“When we were on the airplane I wanted to help Brooke, but I couldn’t because the girls hated flying back home,” Todd, 43, told PEOPLE. “They didn’t want to come to me.”

Tilghman, who also shares six biological children with Brooke, said that he eventually connected with Judah and Olive personally and uniquely.

“With Judah, I was playing with the boys on the floor, and she had been home maybe a month. Not very long. Long enough for me to feel bad. I was down on the floor and she just climbed up on [my back]. The rest is history,” Todd said. “With Olive, I basically made everyone get out of the house except me and Olive. We sort of had a come-to-Jesus day that day. We were just together.”


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